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guys i really need help my project is to make a frequency counter (frequency meter) can cout frequency up to 5Mhz using TMR1 or TMR0 i am lookig since 2 weeks in every where but still cant understand cause every body explain it different way than the other ,,,, i just need to know the maximum frequency i can count using both timers and whatt is the
HI MASTER'S I AM NEW TO pic CONTROLLER AND READ SOME INFORMATION AND DATASHEET REGARDING pic CONTROLLERS.NOW I HAD BOOTLOAD MY pic WITH "BOOTLOAD_20MHz.HEX" FILE. i have design circuit with reference circuit from internet and datasheet with "4 MHz" crystal and MAX232 IC BUT IT DID NOT SUCCED? PLZ HELP ME!!!!!! THANX.
To genarate pulse for servo, need PWM at 50Hz. pic16 can't use PWM module. Use delay function also, not good for many servo. Other way, you can generate PWM using Timer Interrupt. See example servo. or You can use Servo Controller that use UART to set servo position like this product, [URL="ht
Hi all I want to use pic18F4550 for my project. I want to do serial communication with pic18F4550. I am totally new to pic's. I dont know how to configure PLL and oscillator in pic18F4550. Can anybody give me a brief tutorial on PLL and Oscillator of pic18F4550 ?