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Hi to all, I'm trying to Interface pic 18f Series with can Controller(MCP 2515). How do i transmit & receive data Between pic to MCP 2515.
hello, you can start with a big pic , to avoid later ,problem of lack of RAM or ROM space The advantage is to keep the same MCU along developpment because even the same 18f family, there are somme differencies between them, and causes lost of time to solve details or supposed bugs. I recently bought 18f87J50 (...)
Is there is not harware specification except to slew rate No, because it depends on your software, the pins will not change by themselves! The speed depends on the instructions you use to make the pin high or low and the program flow around them. The time taken for each instruction is explained in the data sheet but is itself a mul
hello What pic family if 18f use LATC instead PORTC write value into the PORT show us your code...
Hello everybody! I have a question that in C language there we can use 2D array,but how to solve same problem in pic16F1936 microcontroller assembly a example in C- .I know only assembly and I heard if I use FSR and INDF then I can solve this,but I don't understand how and where to start it. If somebody give me any IDEA it
hi, i think this works for you. it is a small but very effective solution. most of the jobs are done by computer and memory saved from pic's memory. i used it for 18f series pics but it can be used all types. first make a few minor changes to bootloader program bootloader.c such as pic type, connection (...)
hello what pic family you are using ... sprintf can be used for 18f... and what unit for other info like RPM , Fan value is it integer, long or float ?
GPIO: General pupose input/output in pic 12F683 they uses GPIO for PIN denomination in pic 12F1840 they use RA0 RA1 RA2... RB0.. RC0... etc .. for PIN denomination same as other pic 16Fxxx 18f xxx familly A MCU pin can be configured for an input, or an output, or an analog input, or PWM output, or (...)
Hi, I'm new to this forum, and hope you can help with a bit of a head-scratcher I'm having: I have a custom PCB based around a pic 18f, and using a MAX3221 to give me simple 3 wire RS232 comms (9600 baud). I've got this connected to a PC via an FTDI based USB <-> RS232 cable. This is a cable I've used for several years, and it works fine (...)
There are two available in 18f series and have extensive online help available too. pic18f2550 and pic18f4550
I am starting learning about pic microcontroller. but i am in confusion about which MC i choose 16 series or 18. please help me to choose right one. And what is the difference between them.And where can i get about that MC?
mikro c v5.6.1 pic 18f4550 20MHz oscilator(15pf) Hello. I can't get lcd to work.He always shows squares. Frequency is set to 48 MHz. Diplay is ok because he worked with pic 16f887.When I try 18f with led's(using diferent delays) he works ok. here is code: // LCD module connections sbit LCD_RS at (...)
Thanks nikhilsigma, ec_nisarg, PA3040 i all ready works with LCD(hd44780),7 segment display etc. by assembly. can you help me by "c code" of these types. regards picmicroh
hi i have got Inertial measurement unit MinIMU-9 v2 (accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer) from Pololu, i need to interface it with pic 18f controller, can any one guide me to interface and to write code for pic controller using ccs compiler.. sensor link: if any one written code for pic controll
If you need 40MHz clock, you need to use a 10MHz oscillator and then use HSPLL. Frequency multiplication is NOT done physically by you, but is done by the pic. Make sure you select HSPLL mode in configuration settings. Do you need to change the frequency at runtime, or is it okay if you just use 40MHz from startup?
I have searched on google but cud not find a simple and easy to understand block diagram of an pic 18f series microcontroller . Help needed !
Hi, I'm currently planning to build a network for my home automation it will be ethernet based. it will be based on pic 18f with ethernet inside or beside ... I'm looking for an ethernet bootloader, so that I can reprogram some modules directly from my computer to the pics network via ethernet during the tuning (...)
I'm on myself learning pic microcontroller, and I choose pic18f452 to start. Now I'm trying to work with Timer 1. And I don't really understand Timer 1 clearly, can anyone tell me what is the difference between modes of Timer (selected by bit 7 (RD16) in T1CON)? can Timer 1 work in 8-bit mode like Timer 0 (...)
Hi, Here is one I made earlier, works on any micro, I used it on 10bit adc pics like the 877A or 18f range. There is one very small error on the pdf - Its on the U2 A segment, the power rails are shown wrong way round on the schematic. The pcb is correct with U2 pin 4 to +5v and pin 11 to -5v
Hello everybody :) I'm here because i want to program a pic 18f47j53 in USB mode. Unfortunatly i dont understand a damn thing about how the HID works :s if someone can explain me pliz ?! i have see a lot of tuto on the net but no one can really explain until the beginning how to make work an USB connexion. I read a lot of (...)