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i actually want to use timer 1 as 16 bits. how to split the 16 bits into 8 bits to make it out to 2 ports (may b portb and c) The TMR1 register in the pic consists of two individual 8-bit registers to store the lower and upper nibbles. int main(){ TRISB = 0x00; // PORTB as outp
hello Even with a pic16F84, or 16F628 or 18f252 you can use an external clock for 16F8x use HS osc for configuration ( but in fact you don't use the internam pic Oscillator ! ) and connect output of External oscillator to the pin OSC1/ClkIN ISC2/Clkout keept unused i used this kind of oscillateur EPSON 25MHz on 16F84 for DDS (...)
if you mean is using pic send AT command to GSM modem for sms application. i can help you. this is source code i use pic 18f252 to send AT command to sim508 for sending sms. and i sucsessed. send sequence of AT command: -AT+CMGF=1 -AT+CSCS="GSM" -AT+CMGD=1 -AT+CMGS= "destination phone number" - if GSM modem respone ">" type data - (...)
Hi, I want to measure pulses frequency using timer0.pulses frequency is from 0 Hz to 2kHz.can anyone tell me how to do that.give me a sample program. I am using CCS compiler version 4.093 and pic 18f252.
i ddidn't find nothing in this web sit plaese help:cry: this is my file but it is not compleate #include "C:\Users\maroua\Desktop\trame gps\main.h" #fuses HS,NOWDT,NOPROTECT #use delay(clock=20000000) #define LED_R PIN_B4 #define LED_V PIN_B5 //#use rs232(baud=38400,rcv=pin_c7, xmit=pin_c6,parity=n)//gps only needs the rx and gnd pin
hi i m looking for a program in pic c for my application: sending an sms from pic 18f252 to gsm gps module with AT command i have juste the program of sms from pic to gsm module and I was not able to make a program who shoe how to send sms and data from pic to gps please any bady help me soon thank's (...)
Hi.. I know it might be a silly question, but it's important for me. Can anyone tell me if this programmer could work with all pic types.? I mean can I use this programmer with pic18F series? Thanks very much for all your help.
I think that with few changes in the code, you can use the pic 16F873 or 16F873A or even the 16F876 and 16F876A to replace the 16F872 used in this circuit. All you have to have is a 28 pins pic microcontroller with memory greater than the 16F872 has. Other option is the 18f252, but more modifications are necessary.
hi I'm working with CCS and pic 18f252. I want to implement in the pic the trapezoidal rule to do a integrator from 0 to 60 sec. Can help me anybody? Has anybody any code example? Thanks Pablo
=> = 12f675, 12f629 (See 12f675 notes below) 16f628 (16F628A is not supported) 16f876, 16f877 (A versions are not supported) 18f252, 18f452 it open source license. enjoy for develop.
Hi all, I attempted to program the 18f252 pic micro with the programmer I usually use for the 16F84A pic but without result. Did anybody have an answer? Thanks a lot.
Hi to everybody! I try to use an ads1211 with a pic 18f252, but I have a problem with a serial communication. The ads1211 don't response when the pic Send it a command. Someone can Help me ?
I am trying to program a pic18f252's Data EEPROM area. I have a USB programmer from Quasar Electronics. I write my code in Crownhill proton + and use the EDATA command. This creates Data to be stored in data eeprom at programming. When I load the resultant hex file into my programmer software I get my data bytes seperated by nulls. Is there an
Hi! I've been trying to put a 18f252 to work without success. Using a crystal of 4MHz the pic oscillator (OSC2) only starts if I use oscillator mode HS. Is doesn't start with XT mode. Even using HS mode the pic only works if I touch with my fingers in the Positive connection (Vdd) near Vdd connection of the pic. Even (...)