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Hi there I am developing a software with nucleo-h743zi board. it has a st-link programmer on board. when I run a led blinker example, I can program and debug my code successfully. but when I add freeRTOS and LwIP , .... to my software, I can program my MCU but I can't debug it. I am using IAR IDE. it shows this message: 157931[/ATT
157779 I'm having very hard time writing code for pic16f877a for my solar powered multilevel inverter with the above switching strategy. Can someone help me write this code? PLEASEEEE...:idea:
Can we program ESP-32/ESP-12 other than Arduino compiler? like XC or some other C programmer?
I would try declaring sin_table as unsigned char instead of int once done as above waste memory filling with zero (const values are smaller than 255). As far as I remember, the pic16F family has limitations reagarding to the size of arrays, which I would not expect to see in the above case.
Hello, We need two stepwise ramping reference voltages from a pic micro (as in the attached waveform). Is this possible? Originally I was going to do it with analog circuitry so I posted this????.. ..b
hello I need help to design finger tip heart beat monitor.I try to write the code on micro c.but i can't see the calculated HR result on lcd. I have a little bit knowledge on pic.please show me a sample code to read a microcontroller.
The cost of ESP32 will be equal as your pic, but it has wifi, ble and support FreeRTOS. And it is ARM.
Actually, I could able to debug the STM32F303RE Nucleo board and could see the value of the variables by keeping the breakpoint while debugging. Instead of keeping the breakpoint, I want to trace the value of the variable using SWV and also I want to print the logs which need to be displayed in the SWO console. But I am blocking somewhere els
It is more likely the pic itself will draw around 5mA but you have to be careful about the current available on each IO pin AND the total available per port, there is a limit figure for both. Check the data sheet but most ports only allow 20mA so it wouldn't directly drive your triacs. The gate resistor calculation is just basic Ohms Law,
I have pic18F45k40. I am trying to communicate with LOra module. Can someone suggest me simple example to send At command and get response for same. i have attached datasheet for reference.157464
hello, i turn around this probleme since any days did many tests without succes .. Impossible to get the ACK from slave device with A pic16F1619 as Master I2C. I am using I2C remappable from MikroC This pic uses PPS to map IN/OUT and fonctions I tested the I2C Bus with a SSD1306 LCD, a RTC DS3231 and an LCD+PCF8754 .. same problem On teh data s
Hi, I assume every pic and AVR microcontroller can go higher than 115200 baud. Just review the datasheets. For sure it depends on the microcontroller's system clock frequency. Klaus
You will find one of the strengths of C is its portability. Obviously some tasks rely on features present in particular processors but the 'glue' holding all the code together is standard from small pics right up to supercomputer mainframes. You will find C++ is not used much with smaller systems, I think the reason is it is geared more towards p
Hello, I'm new to the forum but hopefully you guys will give me some great advice. I have been programming microcontrollers for the past five years, only as a hobby but I do plan to move to this as my career, I am currently a machinist but I don't quite have the means for university yet. I'm 27, so should still be capable of learning :razz:
How can I measure the average points of the peak if these signals and one avg of max&min value of sine wave. Note that I'm new with dspic ics but have been working with pic and atmel ICs for a long time. Yes, I can do it in my older method but those are time consuming for this product. That is why I'm asking for suggestion from experienced friends
Hello, attached is the transient pic of the fully differential amplifier I have designed, if you look to the vo+ and vo- you will see the sparks on it, however the differential coltage is clear due to the subtraction, my question, should I be concirned about the individual outputs or only have to look to the differential output (Vo_diff)
this 74hc chip has logic converter,i advise you to read ADC through pic microcontroller and select a proper chip
If anybody can answer about my P-fet connections then I appreciate it else I will take the risk of using it. It is for a student project. At max the student will fail and has to take his final year student project next year because he is not paying me additional to get advices. OK, how much are YOU p
is it necessary to bootload atmga8 for making diy usbasp programmer mentioned on the usbasp programmer link or a blank ic may be used here? also for making serial port pic programmer can i use pic16f72. i don't know whether the pic16f72 may be blank or have some program in it (...)
Hi Folks, I am looking for a working micromaster / speedmaster / epmaster LV48 by ICE Technology, with or without PSU. OK, so they are antiques, but so are the chips that need to be tested. Or, does someone have a way to make their GLV-32 run the "chiptest" routine for 74/4000 series logics, as it does not seem to be an available option on t