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HI, I want to interface a 433mhz ASK transmitter and receiver with pic16fxxx series microcontroller without any decoder and encoder.I want to connect directly a microcontroller pin with transmitter data pin. Now my question- is it possible to send data stream through rf transmitter/receiver without using decoder/encoder?
my project block diag: keypad(input)=>pic16f877a=>max232=>DTMF encoder=>RF 433 ASK Tx => RF 433 ASK Rx=>DTMF decoder=>max232=>pic16f877a=>relays the data is being correctly transmitted and received using max232. so in cross questioning if i asked why i'm using max232 is then what will be the answer?? plz help me
what is xy-mk-5v and how it can be interfaced with pic micro controller?
This is the first time Im using a pic mc. Ive not understood the transmitting section of the circuit diagram where the encoding is done and transmitted via 433mhz rf. It includes a relay for power failure detection and for switch over from main suply to battery supply. Pls help me out on doing the SWITCHING OVER TO BATTERY SUPPLY and the POWER FAIL
Hi, I have about 100 transmitter/receiver (Not Transceiver) pairs transmitting at same frequency and i want to interface each Receiver to a pic micro controller. the transmitter is also connected to a pic micro controller and sending a unique code but the transmitter frequency is same, now the definite problem is the interference is there any way
i have an experience in using RF module 433mhz for communication between pic and computer. But the signal was not good. so i want to implement zigbee.. I already search for the schematic and there is nothing special thing needed except the 3.2 V supply. So my question is, is that any special programming needed to the microcontroller or i can just u
Hi, Any schematics ??? What are your RF modules ? How the receiver is connected to the pic ?
Dear friends, I want to read the RF messages sent by a sinple transmitter (ASK, 433mhz). Could you help me to find a basic circuit of RF sniffer with microcontroller like AVR or pic? It may be coded by 2226 etc. But it has fixed code. It's very good if you help me to find the soft decoder (AVR/pic programme) of 2226 protocol. Best (...)
please i need help in my project I need to transmitt and Rx USING pic 16f877a uc with RF module(wireless) i use module with 433mhz mainly i need pic code can any one help me>
Hello, I'm using the pic 16F877 USART TX/RX for sending data from Temperature sensor over RF link at 433mhz. The USART, works fine with baud rate of 4,800b/s (OSC=4MHz), when its connected directly between the RX and TX. When I?m adding the RF link so the TX USART sends the data into the RF transmitter, and the data out of the RF receive
Hi, Have just recieved a 433mhz pair of those boards but have not connected them up yet - cannot offer any proven help but would be interested to know how you go on. Just one thing might help, if you see this tutorial on rs232 it mentions on how the Max232 chip inverts the data, so you must compensate for that in your program code when usi
your problem may be in the interfacing between the pic and RF front end, i think you need to make some isolation between them, may be ground noise. remember that the pic circuit is 20MHz maximum and the RF is at 344MHz which isn't a small number and sure will may have some interference issues and need good PCB handling for these frequencies.
Are there any e-books on the use of RF modules(433mhz ASK type) in conjunction with micro-controllers, either 8051 series or any pic types? Likewise any proven .asm source code?
Dear, I am new in RF. Here is my board with Ethernet pic and CC1101 RF transceiver. I want suggetion is it ok placment of RF block, ground placement and all other suggetion. Width of line from RF section to chip antenna is 3mm. I calculate that for FR4 1.6mm with Er=4.2 I work on 433mhz, 3mm is width for 50R impedance. Please suggest. Best regar
I want to build a wireless controlling device for my final year project. It can be used to turn on or of any electrical device remotely. I am using a pic. it will operate in the 433mhz band. Any advice ,information or tips on how to do this project and what RF device to use will be appreciated.
Hi I'm programming a remote relay controller using pic. pic sends serial (rs232) data trough wireless 433mhz or 868MHZ. Transmitter sends some code bytes and receiver gets on serial receiver and decode those bytes. I use a lot of different codes so that receiver can only be swithced on by its own transmitter. receiver stops (...)
Look here: maybe this can help you