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Hi all ! Plz who can help me . 132830 i want to add a lcd to diplay voltage this is the code ____________________________________________________________________ #include <18F452.h> #device adc=10 #use delay (clock=10000000) #use rs232(baud=9600,xmit=PIN_C6,rcv=PIN_C7) unsigned int16 adc_value; unsi
Hi, Reference of your pic ? FOSC value ? Where are lcd variables (config) init ? better to put variable outside of the main ! char txt; unsigned int adcRead; void main() { C1ON_bit = 0; // Disable comparators C2ON_bit = 0; TRISA = 0x7; ANSELA = 0x7; Initlcd(); adc_Init(); (...)
sir i wrote a program for displaying 10bit adc values in lcd. It is working in some pic18f4580 kit but in some pic 18f4580 kit the values are varying from 0 to 588 only. pls help me to rectify the problem.
are you using Vref+ not equal to 5V ? If not, then for 5V adc input you get 1023 raw adc value An implementation that could save core processing is divide by 1024 (2^10) instead of 1023. The added math's error (~0.1%) would be even smaller than the intrinsic accuracy of the sensor.
mikroE tells that if you want to use FlaotToStr() then ch length should be minimum 23. Try using ch. Zip and post your complete mikroC PRO pic project files. I will test it in Proteus and also hardware.
helo everyone. i m trying to use the ad feature of the pic to show the conversion result on the lcd, i using microc pro for programming and the software shows 3 commans in ad header file that are adc_init, adc_read and adc_sample_read but using these commands i m getting nothing on the (...)
The most common reason for the pic adc fluctuating is that the voltage reference has been tied to the supply rail and you have noise on the supply rail. A large capacitor on the decoupled VREF should cure. Another cause could be that the input voltage is at to high an impedance (should be less than 10K or that the input voltage is noisy.
i am using pic 16f877a with 8MHZ crystal and microC for pic for coding for buck and boost modules operation and i am using relays with the outputs of buck and boost so that only one output is received from buck and boost at a time(either buck will be on or boost will be on). i am using port A for analog inputs,portB for lcd,Port E for buck (...)
I presume you are using a processor with shared analog/digital pins, e.g. a pic. for adc i/p to mc: will the lcd data pin act as load or will it be in high impedance state? It's high impedance as long as it isn't enabled for read operation. for lcd i/p from mc: will the analog input affect the lcd (...)
Well, i ran into a problem which many other beginners face while interfacing pic with lcd. i googled and checked solution given in all forums and i cant still get it to work. Iam using pic18f4520. The lcd iam using is JHD162A. My Mikroc program to check lcd is sbit lcd_RS at (...)
How many bits of adc is there in that pic mcu?
I m using pic18F and c18 compiler I wish to make milliampere meter but in coding i have a problem please guide me how to write code for getting value of current in milliampere 0-5v is applied on RA3 chanel3
Hi there! I am basically a newbie in microcontrollers and Proteus VSM. I am not sure if i posted this on the right category. I want to create a project in Proteus VSM using a microcontroller and I don't know which pic16 IC will I use. I can't understand assembly but I have used Arduino for about six months now. I have read about writing in
i had used in 8051 and pic controllers adc channels i need to through adc value to lcd display that accept only character how to send float value to 16*2 lcd display anybody help me please advance thanks for u
Hi every body, I try to drive a DC Motor depending on temperature, this is my program with MikroC, but always the Motor is working with the same speed (duty), could some one pleaaase help me where is the problem!! thanks.. //////// sbit lcd_RS at RB1_bit; sbit lcd_EN at RB2_bit; sbit lcd_D7 at RB7_bit; sbit (...)
And the Mother-of-All is this
Hi Jean12, I am measuring a voltage of 0V-30V??? How do you measure 30V in pic GPIO's.. I think GPIO's only capable upto 5V..are you using any voltage divider there? Best regards,
thank u for the answer. i know how to do the calculation but i dont know how to develop the coding. im using microC PRO for pic
I don't use pic, but obviously it uses a 10 bit adc (because of 1023). So you must first calculate mVolts per LSB, I suppose 5000 is the reference voltage used. So If the maximum adc value is 1023 and the reference voltage is 5000mV, then 5000/1023 is the adc resolution in mV. Multiplying this with the adc (...)
#include<pic.h> #include __CONFIG(0x3f72); #ifndef _XTAL_FREQ #define _XTAL_FREQ 20000000 #endif #define DATA PORTD #define RS RE1 #define EN RE2 #define lcd_strobe(){EN=1;__delay_us(160);EN=0;} void lcd_cmd(unsigned char);//lcd display function void lcd_dat(unsigned char); void (...)