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usually these two are famous protocols 1. RC5 2. SIRCS (Sony infra-red Remote Control) check this DIY remote control based on pic
Could anyone provide some help on programming pic 16F 883 microchip to transmit a modulated pulse infra red(IR) LED light with carrier frequency of 38Khz and the data rate of 5 Hz. On the receiving end, the other 16f883 microchip will have to decode and read the infra red (...)
Hi..nw i am doing final year project in university technology of malaysia (utm).. my project title is smart traffic light system using fuzzy logic.. my traffic light system is control by pic (16F877a) microcontroller..and im using infra-red sensor to detect the vehicles.. is it possible i can get the circuit design for this (...)
Do you have SpicE model for photodiode ? How to simulate it ?
Here's my very cool and reliable RC5 decoder in pic assembler. If you think you can write smaller, tighter code than this, put it on the LINE!
infra/radio remote control transmitter/receiver with pic w