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i have a final project and it title is a DIGITAL COMPASS.. i already have the hardware but i must create it program myself. im using keypad 4x4, lcd 2x16, pic16f87a dan sensor( Hitachi HM55B compass module ).. i have a program but it didnt works.. LCD didnt show anything.. im stucks.. here this program and circuit. .thanks so much for helping me..
I wrote a small utility to help generate pic asembler code. It is posted here. Maybe of some help.
What software/platform? I wrote a very simple PWM program today, in asembler, for the pic-12C508A. It simulated ok, tested ok, modify accordingly (to be compatible with your ports). In C it should be even simpler. Drop me a line if you want it in C. processor p12c508a include __config _WDT_OFF crtduty equ H'
Hi i want to write aprogramm in assembly to get distance from the srf04 and object but i do not know It is requisite main to make it in asembler your project? you can use a high-level language to make it like picBasic, Mikrobasic or pic C, so that the things are but easy
Hello, Does anyone have i2c routines written in asembler for pic16f84a running on 10 or 8 MHz, THAT WORK? I am trying to get these I have here to work but it's giving me bad time. As I can remember it worked on 4 MHz but at 10 MHz I get all crazy data where reading, so, I don't even know if it writes to the chip. First I need to write some da
traxonja a few years ago i programmed a project in pic assembler which was storing data from a magnetic card reader in a 24C16 using a 16F84. I have posted the source here: hope this is useful for you best regards
Hi all, I learned programming pic processors in assembler cause I don't feel very comfortable in programming them in Basic or C and to use all the time in line asembler code to get things running. I have myself no experience with C, but like to learn. As I read from many replies of valuable users it has some benefits like portable code to oth