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HI i have a pic16F628 that i burned out the pin 3 data input used in the 5 digit frequency counter sold on the web i read the chip and it say's that the chip is not protected. i need to program a new chip so i need to get the data from it to burn a new one i am using pic basic pro . when i do a read all i get is the chip (...)
I am a beginner to pic and wrote this code for pic16f877 using mikroc. I want to know the error,this was written for led chaser forward and reverse.This code won't simulate in proteus.Please look into this! run(); reverse(); void main() { trisb=0; } run() { portb=1; delay_ms(100); do{ portb=portb<<1;
Hi pic18 IDE basic simulator: each time I run it it sais runtime error, and sometimes i can get access to the software but it crashes as soon as I open the basic compiler. I tried to re-download it and re-install it, but the problem still there. I have all windows update up to dated on my pc (win8 genuine) and performed a full scan (...)
Hi, Does any body knows how to make a cosine, sin, tan, exp, ln, AND OR XOR functions with pic18 IDE Simulator? The flowchart is as follows: 1.user inputs an operand (number) from a 4*4 keypad 2.the keypad turns to mathematical operations input (i.e 1 is for ADD 2 is for COS etc..) 3.the user inputs a second operand (number) from th
Dear All, On analog circuit thread I asked about injector pulser which I created by using 555 chip. Now I want to step to microcontroller world as I find it fascinating. I've done some c-programming (not embedded) about 14 years ago so why not give it a go. I ordered pickit 2 starter kit and few 12F683 chips. I was planning to create injector pu
Good morning! Do you have sample programs/codes that interface Visual basic to MCU? (pic16F877A) The main program will be from Vbasic then supporting program code via MIKRObasic. Even simple samples will do. I just need to know how that works. (Maybe samples concerning (...)
i don''t have any knowledge about pic programming. but i want to learn it. i buy one of the programmer G540 and pic 16f528a chip. now i want to program this chip. i download two thee of Hex file written for this pic16f628a chip.i loaded this one of file to the chip then coming error (...)
Hi, I'm using pic18F2580 and MCP2551 CAN transceiver. My goal is to implement basic CAN bus monitoring program to capture CAN's frame ID, data length and data bytes. I use logic analyzer and can see that CANRX pin on pic is continuously receiving data. However, the RXFUL bit of RXBnCON register has never been set in (...)
hi, so far i have been working on 5v pics like 18f2550,2520 or 4550, but now i have to use a 3.3v low power pic. i decided to use pic18f26k20, it's pin diagram is same as pic18f2520 so i dont have to change my circuit design. but there is one problem, so far i uploaded a basic bootloader to my 5v (...)
plz any provide me simple basic Assembly code for pic16f877a for serial communcation or here it is my code ,,point the problem inthis code.... when i load it to proteus ,after connecting virtual terminal with pic ,,virtual terminal is showing some curious code and always repeating..although i program for sending (...)
For 8051, unlike pic, the I/O pin is input as long it is 1 (due to its open collector output). Also it acts anytime as an output pin if it is set by the program as 1 or 0. Notes: (1) While a pin is set as 0, the pin cannot be used as an input terminal. (2) Usually when a pin is needed as an output terminal, an external pull-up resistor may b
You can use picKit3 to program a picAxe but only if you're using it as a basic pic. The picaxe is a pic with a bootloader designed to use the 3.5mm serial jack thing. As for everything else, it seems an incredibly complex solution to a simple problem. Why not have a box to (...)
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I've written a program using basic for SVPWM for pic18F452. I'm told that there is a inbuilt deadtime (safe?) for these types of pic's. However i want to implement some extra dead time in my program. How to provide it IN GENERAL? Can it be provided in the code itself? P.S.- I will be driving an 3-phase (...)
I'm writing a program for a pic12HV615 to control the power to a computer and properly shut it down based on inputs from the ignition of a car and a momentary button. I'm writing the code in mbasic. Here's what I have so far: 'Raspberry Pi Control STATE VAR BYTE STATE = 0 MANOFF VAR BYTE MANOFF = 0 MANON VAR BYTE MANON = 0 IGN VAR BYT
Hi, Just checked you code and its not 100% correct. First the delay time is 83us based on a 4mhz crystal to you will never see the led actually flash, not sure how it worked in your simulation. Second and importantly your configuration bits are wrong, partic the LVP programming is ON, it must be off for the pickit2/3. Third, a known pro
These are the names of internal registers inside the pic and the values you program is putting into them. If you download the data sheet for your pic from Microchip's web site it will list all the registers and what each bit or value in them does. Their data sheets are extremely good. Brian.
Ok so im having trouble with this simple ADC input from this tutorial for the pic18F4550. For some reason I keep on getting errors no matter the Includes I have and I really dont know what they should be defined as if any of the values giving me errors should be d
Greetings... We are to establish basic communication between a PC and a Microcontroller using Visual basic 6.0... in our microcontroller program... once it received "1", "2", "A", or "B" it will transmit Strings to the PC that says... "I Have received (1, 2, A or B)" NOw we are trying it using VB 6.0... here is our prgram... (...)
The "far" keyword typically indicates the use of the large memory model versus the "near" keyword typically indicates the use of the small memory model. Typically the keyword "far" and "near" indicate restrictions on the location within either Data (RAM) or program (ROM) storage depending on the object the keyword is used (...)