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I produce a rectified sine wave 1Vpp 100Hz using a pic + dac 12bits. I would like to smooth the line by applying a filter. What filter do you suggest? 135668
There is an interesting receiver design somewhere on the Internet that does exactly that. It's superhet with the LO fed to a pic to measure it's frequency. The frequency is compared to one selected by a control voltage (tuning control is a potentiometer) and it drives a dac to produce the LO tuning voltage. It cleverly adapts the loop filter accor
In the code I see that TC72 CS pin and Serial_LCD_CLK pins uses the same RA5 pin. In pic12F you don't have sufficient pins to interface Serial LCD, TC72 and dac. You have to use a pic with sufficient pins. In the dac code link it uses hardware SPI. So, only CS pin is defined. THE SDO, SDI and CLK pins of (...)
Ok. Here you go. I am attaching the mikroC PRO pic project I made. You can't reduce the delays more. You are using bit-banging SPI instead of the pic hardware SPI. It's hardly possible to achieve a similar speed this way. I don't see how the designs in post #16 and #17 can be helpful.
i have similar problem .. i am using pic32mz micro controller and uda1334 dac. (both supports i2s) i have shifted my data with 0x7fff. but output shows no change.. currently i am feeding a saw tooth wave to device.. i can see digital pins are toggling on CRO. but no output
Hi All I am trying to control the gate voltage of fet irf 150 i.e, i need variation of gate voltage between 3 v to 15 v and am using pic 16f819 interfaced with dac 0808. as am not good in electronis am wondering how to get out put voltage from dac 0808 between 3v to 15 volts, while total input from pic will not be more than (...)
A pic microcontroller can't generate RF frequencies beyond a few MHz.
Hello, I am newbie to ARM i used to code in AVR and pic. I am having a LPC 1768 development board comparing to AVR, the examples are so much confusing. Where can i find good tutorial or manual to start programming ARM board with understanding whats going inside?AM looking for beginners things like GPIO,ADC,dac,USART etc to begin with.Can anyone
hii folks...i am using a pic16F876A doesnt have ne inbuilt dac...How to check its ADC is properly working or not...I followed the approach below i gave a reference of 2V inside the code...varied the input to the the code i gave a condition that if the input voltage was more than 2 then it would generate pulses of certain fixe
Gulp! It isn't the software, it's the hardware that's wrong. You clamped the 'weak' output of the dac to Vbe of the transistor, as far as the pic is concerned the base to emitter looks like a forward biased diode so when it had enough voltage across it to start conduction it behaved almost as a short circuit between the dac output and (...)
Go through these
Hello mehregan, The dac you have selected uses 3-Wire SPI interface. In this 3-Wire SPI mode you can only send data to your dac and cant read anything from your dac. Please make following connections: SDO pin of pic to SDI pin of dac SDI pin of pic to SDO pin of pic (This (...)
Hi I am using the pic 18f97j60 in my that project I am interfacing the 18 Bit dac with the MicroController .For sending the data to dac I am converting the 8 Bit data from the Microcontroller to 18 Bit data then I am separating that 18 bit to (2 BYTE + 2 doubt is that how to convert that 2 Bit data in to 8 Bit data for transmissi
Hello, I need to write pic program for getting 0-10 v analog output(spec is in the title)... The problem is I cannot send 18 bits from MCU.. Please provide me with your suggestios..Or Send me a program that would be udeful to me.. Thanks in advance
I don't use Proteus so I haven't read you files but the principle is to build the points along the sine curve by sending a number representing each point to the dac. To start you need a sine look-up table, it is possible to calculate sine values in real time but a pre-built table of values would be much faster and easier. To get maximum output vo
Hi everyone, I am new in pic and anybody can tell what are the components are used.and how to write the coding.
hey i am doing a project on digital pid controller.I am using pic microcontroller16f88 as the controller.Can anyone provide me with the source code how to interface lcd,4*4 keypad and dac.I want a source code in such a way that the value read by adc which is inbuilt in pic16f88 to be send to lcd and also the value from the keypad to be (...)
Hi, Any body suggest some dac tutorial with pic Thanks
What's the benefit of adding the 0.5 offset? I've never seen it used in any pic (or AVR) based application. What's the issue with not adding the 0.5 offset? I can't seem to understand the advantage of adding the offset or the disadvantage of not adding it.
I wanna Need your help to chose an uC for the such a abilities because i dont want to use an extra chip, but and audio amp. keypad LCD 2x16 (not recommanded) SD-card (or any memory card to save voice files) Audio o/p using PWM or dac , should be integrated in uC should be from atmel AVR or pic, because its easy to bu