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I still have not received any answer for the question I asked in post #1 Well, the question asks for a decision between two alternatives, but the first is wrong and the second technically impossible. "Constant V/f" actually means that the voltage is varied according to motor frequency, not the other way around. And the simple fac
hello everyone, i want to know that is there an h-bridge inverter module exists? i have my final year project which is variable frequency drive (speed control of single phase ac induction motor). i have generated spwm signals using pic mcu through which i can achieve variable frequency. however, i am stuck with the inverter and now want to use a
it is possible to control industrial ac servo motor(with drive) using pic microcontroller, servo drive accepts step and direction signals
i need help to write a program to generate sine wave (pic 18f452)c language
Folks, I?d like to drive an H-bridge with 60Hz square waves with large dead time. This is for a DC to AC wonder. As long as pic's clock is no faster than 13.1Mhz, it should be possible to generate such slow waveform with ECCP. Right :?: Of course
I want to make a dimmer cum fan regulator circuit. For driving AC load (incandescent bulb and FAN) TRIAC gate firing signal generation will be through pic microcontroller and it is almost complete. Now I need to design the load driver part. Generally TRIAC is used to drive the load. I also want to use it. For isolation I saw uses of MOC30xx (...)
Hi I need some help, I want to transform, in my circuit, a double inverter relay (too big), in an electronic control. The only way I've found, is 4 triacs (one in each wire the relay was commuting) with their trigger controlled by a microcontroller. The circuit is driven by a reaction of an accelerometer which inform the chip (with an impulsion)
i have 2 digits of lcd module. i found the segments, not all. how to connect to the pic? thnk you very much.
pic by itself can drive nothing, or next to nothing .. If, however, pic controls a relay (solid state relay), SCR or Trac, it can drive almost any AC motor .. Examples: