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my project block diag: keypad(input)=>pic16f877a=>max232=>dtmf encoder=>RF 433 ASK Tx => RF 433 ASK Rx=>dtmf decoder=>max232=>pic16f877a=>relays the data is being correctly transmitted and received using max232. so in cross questioning if i asked why i'm using max232 is then what will be the (...)
Is there any way that I won't use microcontroller in doing this project? Yes, there is. You can use a dtmf encoder at the transmitter side and, a dtmf decoder at the receiver side. Now, you have not only the 9 freqiencies you need but also 6 extra frequencies for future improvements. Take a look at the
Hello, everyone I have a pic that it is connected in a terminal TC65 of the Siemens, and then I ask: Exists the possibility of this terminal to detect originated tones dtmf, for example, of a cell phone, so that the pic can interpret them?
any ideas on how to interface Telephone with pic? I've been thinking of using dtmf decoder like MC145436 (dtmf decoder)..and I will be using also coin slot for this.Anyone?!:D
u may use cm8870 dtmf decoder . and read it binary code from its prot with pic microcontroller and show it at lcd. thanks
you will have to connect the dtmf decoder to the pic pins. Then you can input the port status. This is not very difficult. Also you can look at google, their exist plenty designs with dtmf decoder chips, maybe also with yours.
Maybe you can post your code here, might be a problem with a misconfigured I/O pin of your pic. Also post which pin of the dtmf chip is connected to which pin of your pic. best regards
iampic: It's a 4bit BCD output, and the STD pin that informs you with a logic high level, that a dtmf tone was detected. Why do you need a driver ??? 2 possibilities: first: poll STD pin until you get a logical 1, this means a tone was received second: put STD on a interrupt pin, if the interrupt occur, a tone was received In both sce