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hi I want to design a energy meter using 8 bit pic micro-controller. I want to know the following 1)How voltage is measured. 2)How current is measured. 3)How Power factor can be measured.
My brotherz, actually am doing frequency measuring of pulses using ccp modules with pic 16f887+mikroc compiler, after fooling myself arround the code,ultimately, i managed to construct the codez, but there is stil one problem that needs to be rectified, since the results obtained on LCD is not stable, at one time, there is a wrong results,
Maybe code part of mine non-pic, zero parts, 50 MHz (at least), freq meter can help you.
Here a project I did, it is about measuring heart beat per minute but it is fast, you can change and use it codes in pic ccs c complier , pic16f87a
can we write this code for pic16f72? pic16F72 have 8 bit adc module and pic16f877a is with 10bit adc module.
frequency counter with pic microcontroller e.g.
@bencassar; Have you considered using a microcontroller? Here are some ideas:
is the LM311 output on pin 7 to pic a constant voltage at varying lm311 provide varying frequency on PIN7 of pic micro between a few kHz to ~1Mhz regards Fragrance
hello every one now days , i make a project that measure lighting with a normal LDR sensor using 16f877 and mikroc, (LDR connected to AN0) and the adc in pic reads the voltage from LDR that connected with 10K to power, that's OK. but i want to make a lighting measurement that measure the light in . so an one can help me about wh
pic based frequency meter
Hi all, I am trying to interface pic16f876a with frequency meter having Modbus RTU protocol (9600, 8, E, 1). I could able to view the frequency data from PC using Modbus Poll software. But it fails to respond when I send it from pic with the same hex codes that is sent by the modbus software. I am using (...)
Dear all, here is nice project a pic based ESR meter Regards Fragrance
Hi, The reason for the numerous errors is due part by the fact the C file was written for the HITECH pic compiler, however the delay.c file was not included. So you'll have to write your own delay routines.The MPLAB requires a different header file, something like: #include Hence the code at the beginning of the
hi, my project is to design a digital speed-o-meter. and i m using timer-1 as the frequency counter and timer-2 as the 2sec. delay interrupter for taking a sample. then calculate speed using that counted pulses by the counter. problem is ...both the timers are working perfect individually but when i use both the timers in the same program it does n
The load current from a DC motor probably is random ! It depends on the mechanical motor load, friction, inductance of the motor windings and commutator position. The only way to get an AVERAGE reading is to use an averaging filter. You can do this in software by taking many readings and mathematically finding their mean or you can use an RC fi
Look at this site: Regards Nic
Hi, There you go: Schematics and C code for a pic (16F877A) frequency counter operating up to about 50 MHz
just use the motorola frequency divider(prescalar).....mc12028 or similar...... it divides the frequency by 64 ....then it is easy to measure....i do have a home built frequency counter.using pic microcontroller.if you need it msg me.
for the cap meter (not ESR meter) the source and hex file can be found here:
Maybe it helps: If You want to translate with google translator: In this forum was