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TDR should be possible with a pic although I've never tried it. I would suggest a step generator that triggers the pic and sends the signal simultaneously and using the fastest counting speed to time the relection. So the pic is used as a period counter to measure the length. It can then do the calculations and return a (...)
Hi all, I want to build a dual time zone clock with pic or AVR. Need to see Brazil and Italy time in the same display at the same time, may be a two or four line(four is better to see) LCD. If possible using a precise external time base generator like DS1307 or similar ones. Regards, Fernando call sign PU2PLL
Arduino != pic Almost any pic can be used although one with a hardware PWM module makes life easier. If that's all it has to do, I suggest using pic12F683 which has the necessary timers to decode the IR signal and has a PWM module. It only has 8 pins and has it's own internal clock generator so the hardware around it can (...)
It gets confusing sometimes. A CLOCK cycle is one wave of oscillation at the clock input pin or from the internal clock generator A MACHINE CYCLE or 'T' cycle is how long it takes to complete one internal operation, typically either 2 or 4 clock cycles in a pic An INSTRUCTION CYCLE is usually the same as machine cycles because
hello friends i am try to making sine wave inverter by pic16f72. well , i need four output pwm for h bridge driver . my question is how to make pwm four normal i/o .
friends how can I get spectral response (frequency domain) of an oscillator like shown in the pic using cadence virtuoso....
I wish to know how to setup 230v source from proteus "generators " - SINE. I worked with dc well. now when I click SINE there are three fields to fill. (I need 230 v ac, 50 hz and also to work with pic I need 2.30v , 50hz source) 1.offset ? 2. amplitude/peak/RMS ? 3. Frequency (I think this is 50hz); VSINE also works the same way w
This might help you. Also why are you not using mikroC PWM library and vary the duty of the PWM at required intervals using a Timer ?
1 cycle =1000000 / in ?S FOSC can be internal (inside the pic) or external , use of a Quartz or an external clock device generator. for Other pic18F you can active a PLL multiplicator => FOSC*4 => 1 cycle= 1000000/ FOSC ?S for executime time Code operation take mainly 1 cycle ( it's explain why we divide FOSC/4) but some
You could buy one of the cheap AD9850 modules from eBay and control it from a pic. You will also need a output amplifier.
hi nea, Download this free loops tool, very useful. Also I would use one of the pic Timers with an interrupt for generating the Freq. E
Had you considered to employ some online PWM calculator for pic16F family such as this one bellow ? pic PWM Calculator & Code generator +++
I am making an ultrasonic generator using half bridge used an IRs2110 two IRF840 an pic microcontroller 16f616, MY controller works fine without power circuit but when i complete my circuit then circuit works and after 3 sec microcontroller stops working. I have tried an isolated supply to microcontroller of 5 volt. IRs2110 have 12 volt supply.
hello, there is no output appearing in real hardware ??? How do you test and see ADC result ? This pic has some special features like a FIFO on ADC ADCON1=00001000 this bit (BFEMT) is read only, and FIFOEN=0 so disabled ADCON2=00000011 left justified ? No delay ? FRC/4 ? try with ADCON2=1 0
That's a strange thing to do but if it's what you want: 1. read the ADC 2. put the ADC value into the baud rate generator. For example if you are using pic16/18 series devices, read the ADC and load the result into SPBRG. Brian.
The tl494 is a veritable chip. If you need switchable output voltages then you could use transistors to switch in and out resistors to ground on the feedback loop, or if your using the chip as a pwm generator switch resistors to ground from pin 3. Or if you want to be clever you might be able to use the vref block within a pic instead of the vref
Dear All, I have made a pic 16f676 based "Automatic generator Start" operates some relays with specified time intervals to star the generator, when Mians power fail.All is working fine,but I am facing a problem in the circuit.When I power up the circuit with the 12V Battery which is also connected to (...)
Please define your parameters more fully. There are too many answers otherwise. Voltage level range (min:max) Frequency Pulse Width Single or multiple outputs, pattern generator??? The immediate answer that occurs to me is to program a small pic to do it; that would give great flexibility. It is not as simple as a handful of multivibrators and lo
i want to work on " Monitoring system for power generators" as my final year engineering project. in this project, i will monitor the load voltage/current, and fuel level of generator and will show it on LCD wirelessly by using gsm. And generator will be turned off in severe conditions. I will use pic micro-controller f
Hello, Am designing an automatic transfer switch using pic microcontroller, can someone help me with how to connect the generator (both single phase and 3 phase). Any schematics will be appreciated Thanks in advance!