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Hello guys. I have an idea for a hacky solution for my pic server project. Can you tell me if it will work out? I want to do a pic18F67J60 + H1102NL + RJ45 connector server. BUT I have pic18 soldered on TQFP breakout board and can't make a TQFP board myself. So... This is the MCU I will use: http:/
Hello I want to build a simple project that allows a pic microcontroller to send and receive SMS. I have many old phones and USB modems laying around, and for now I would like to try to reutilize them I am using an old ZTE MF632 modem that has 3 chips from Qualcomm (MSM7200, PM7500 and MXU6100). I have been searching the web and the forum for
This should give you a good idea: dspic-based spectrum analyzer - hack a Day pic spectrum analyzer uses Fast Fourier Transform routine - hack a Day
if you want to know if some one can h@ack the pic series 18fxxx then the anser is yes do a search over the net and findout yourself :cry: use a atmel insted these are more dificult to h@ck TOGHETHER WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL... i do not agree with you every lock have a key so i disagree with you i personaly hack at8
Hi there, I'm writing a program for pic 16f628 and i'm curious about cracking code protection it possible to do that?If so, is there a mcu which has non-defeatable code protection? Thank you.