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Hello guys. I have an idea for a hacky solution for my pic server project. Can you tell me if it will work out? I want to do a pic18F67J60 + H1102NL + RJ45 connector server. BUT I have pic18 soldered on TQFP breakout board and can't make a TQFP board myself. So... This is the MCU I will use: http:/
Hello I want to build a simple project that allows a pic microcontroller to send and receive SMS. I have many old phones and USB modems laying around, and for now I would like to try to reutilize them I am using an old ZTE MF632 modem that has 3 chips from Qualcomm (MSM7200, PM7500 and MXU6100). I have been searching the web and the forum for
This should give you a good idea: dspic-based spectrum analyzer - hack a Day pic spectrum analyzer uses Fast Fourier Transform routine - hack a Day
if you want to know if some one can h@ack the pic series 18fxxx then the anser is yes do a search over the net and findout yourself :cry: use a atmel insted these are more dificult to h@ck TOGHETHER WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL... i do not agree with you every lock have a key so i disagree with you i personaly hack at8
Here is a hack for a 84, haven't tried it myself. :?: The vulnerability of the 16C84 is of particular concern. The 16C84 is often used in smart cards issued by the satellite TV industry. These cards are intended to permit access to encrypted TV channels, and clearly there is a lot of interest in being able to clone the cards thereby avoidin