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Hi All, my question is "can a single L7805 is sufficient for powering up a pic and an LCD?"
what has the mention of using 'pic MICROCONTROLLER' got to do with this question ? An inductor is not strictly a load, but most inductors do have some finite resistance that generates heat. You can use a MOSFET in its linear bias region as a resistor, must heatsink it to dissipate the heat. If you are concerned about size (...)
Hi evrybody My project is temperature measument by infrared sensor using pic 16f877A for transmit wirelessly to the PC. Would you like any body help of the connect circuit between these elements adn what is the necessary to do? thanks in advance for help hamid
Hi, I'm new in learning micro controller using C language I'm in planing make a project which I was required to heat oven from low temperature into high temperature for constant a while and then put low temperature at the end of time using software of pic 16F877A. At the same time I'am need to display the graph of temperature by detect the temp
I Have to design an Electric heater with PID heat control System on pic please help me about this if someone has done before please share I am confused about mathematical model and its solution to be used with pic i am using hi-tech picC compiler Please Help in this regard.
hi upload a pic from the schematic of your work the ir2110 hasn't problem what do U do for supplying of 2110 the heat almost is because wrong supply voltage for 230v it's better to use ir2113 "it's 600V" for H bridge U must make a true square signal in 50 hz for to IR2110 & put them in 2 side of a H bridge attention use a flip flop to
the pic show how i connect my thermocouple to the AD595 thermocouple amplifier where purple wire is to connect my power supply and yellow and white wire is connect to my multimeter, but i found that i only get 5.4mV in ambient temperature and get 200mV when i use finger to press the tip, but if i lighter to heat, it only show 5.4mV, can help me exp
If you're interested here's the front of the Mongoose chassis. I did have a L293D but I wanted the beefier L298 (and the chassis will act as a partial heat-sink) You can't see the optical rotation sensors behind the pic 18F2525 but they do work great on the prototype. The L298 also has current sense resistors so might as well use them. (1V pp mean
I want to get a pic-based non-contact temperature sensor built to check the relative temperatures of wheels and tyres on heavy vehicles. Do I treat the thermopile in a similar way to a thermocouple? Should I take ambient temperature into account, remebering that it essentially the DIFFERENCE in wheel temperatures that is of interest in this
I am building a pic based heat controller which switches at the zero crossing points of the a.c mains. I have an mc3041 triac driver with an inbuilt zero cross detector, so is it neccessary for me to use a seperate external zero crossing detector.