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Haii all i am new in pic micro-controller programming area and familiar with 8051.I wrote a program with timer0 interrupt in MicroC 8.2v for pic-16f887 ic microC how we can check timer0 ISR..There is an option for viewing and setting register values, calling WATCH WINDOW, but setting of timer overflow flag in watch window does not shift execu
Sir , I have a problems using interrupt in MicroC for pic. Am using pic 16F877A Sir e.g I have two square waves , when first wave rise interrupt 1 start and timer also start , after some time 2nd square wave rise at that time timer should be off , and the value of timer should be stored in a variable , this is the part of my project , please Hel
helo if you have a CCP capture in this 8051 (i only know pic family) you can use an ouput put it ON when Int0 occurs put it OFF when Int1 occurs this output connected to CCP1 input (associated to a 16bits timer) so when Rise edge ON detec : CCP interrupt clear the timer and when rise edge OFF detect : CCP interupt read the value of CCPR (=tim
Hello there,I would like to make a counter counting from 00-99 and then go to start (go to 0),the added push button when pressed it reset the pic;I am using ccs c compiler. can you please help,here are the complete project,proteus simulation and the codes I tried to run;it is working but jumping some digits (0,6,8 and 9). See the codes below,
sorry,I'm not familiar with pic suggestion is you can write a little short program for testing ISR function only.when it pass,then add other functions.
you may use the external INT pin. In pic you cannot stop timer zero. But you may enable or disable the interrupt of timer0
Hi all, i have a strange problem with pic18F452 i have a program that uses all the timers(TMR0,1,2,3), and using RF Module and LCD to indicate things. I was working with RF code with no problem (using two timers) and the program was more than 400 Lines (using mikroC), but when i add about 10 lines (dealing with the other two timers), The PI
simple but soooo nice utility when dealing with pic timer interrupts use webarchive because site seems no longer online ?)
I don't think there are picS with more than one INT pin. Still most of them have Interrpt on change for PORTB pins. You can also use CCP modules in the pic to capture events. As a last resort you can use a 3 input AND gate to tie the three interrupts to the one INT pin of the pic. Hope this helps :) PS : 16F877A is a (...)
Hi, I am going to interface io expander ic with the pic microcontroller through i2c. I want to make code by directly handling the microcontroller registry and interrupts in it, without using the built in functions in the compiler. Can anybody share the i2c code for pic microcontroller? Thanks, Murugesh
Hello! I'm not sure you can do that with a pic. Well, it depends on your encoder, but for instance if you use a 16 bits encoder running at 6000 rpm, you will get 6.4 million transitions per second, and catching interrupts at that speed will be tricky. What kind of encoder is it? Dora. Update: apparently the encoder is not that performan
Hi, I am using mikroc Pro for pic. pic18f4550. And know I connected 2 projects in one project. DS18S20 thermometers and RTC. But know program is running very slow. If DS18S20 is working RTC not. I find out I need interrupts, but I am new in this and don't understant how use them, can anyone help? here is my source code: // osc 8MHz // mikr
as per i know in pic once we read from rxreg it will get cleared, (or next data in buffer takes place in it). is accessing this reg in any way will clear it..
Hello!! Everyone i am using this rotary encoder But it is not working properly I am using pic18F27j53 Micro-Controller My RC6 pin is connected to Channel A and RC7 to Channel-B Here is my Code, please help me what to do /* Programm
Hi, Here you'll find a nice implementation of a pic frequency counter in mikroc :
I have not worked with pic, but hardware modules for both UART and SPI should be available inside the MCU. You could make it by software (so called "bit banging"), but it would be better to stick to the hardware implementation, by setting proper registers and read - write serial data via hardware buffers. As for interrupts, if you have big packets
Check these links
Hello, I need to use two rotary encorders(better if three encorders are possible) and use interrupts to sense X,Y,Z position. How to do this with only 1 intterupt pin availble in pic 18F2550? Thanks
Hi , i need help with the code for my rev counter , since i just started working with pic's i don't quite know what to write. What i need my pic to do is : 1. Count the number of incoming pulses in 1/10 second ( number of rev in 1/10 sec.) 2. Multiply that number by 600 (so i can get the number of rev/min) 3. Display it on 16x2 lcd ( Rev/min :
I've a pair of problem with a test I'm doing of external interrupts on that pic. The code is the following: #include #include #include #pragma config OSC=INTIO67 #define true 1 volatile char bandera=0; char a=0; void int_extISR(void); void int_extISRBajo(void); // Creamos u