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Hello, I'm using the microcontroller pic16F877, and I need use two UART, this pic only has got one UART, so I need design a UART software. Well, I designed the UART, and before work fine, without WDT, without sleep, only receive date and send date directly. Now I need save the dates received in a char for send aft
I am doing a code to communicate between two 18F452s One master and one slave. packet is 25 byte length. It is interrupt based. to exchange data only thing I need to do is load the first byte of my 25 byte array. the rest will be automatically done in SPI interrupts. 25 bytes are landiing safely at the slave side from master. But the master is
I am sure that the poor pic16f628a can easily manage this task at well beyond 500KHz input pulses on each pin.
Whenever i compile the program, it gives the following Warning: interrupts disabled during call to prevent re-entrancy. and the interrupt function doesn't work. I have posted the shortened program as the program is large, so I only posted the relevant code. it contains the main program and the interrupt routine. #include <18F452_n
hello, Your probleme is not interrupt treatment, pic allready must use interrupts in UART functions, you have to define a protocol for exchanging data between your 2 devices. What can of data your are transmitting.. Raw data (binary data) or ascii data ? simplest protocole can be use if ascii data ENQ ACK NACK ... response to define which will
Hello all, I'm using pic18 Explorer Board's chip C18 Compiler I wro
You can use pic 16 since the two interrupt sources would raise different flags. So, you can check those two flags, one for TMR0, the other for the change. You can use pic 18 and use the interrupts (high and low priorities) for two interrupt service routines. I was thinking if it is possible to switch between interrupts in (...)
Hiiii, I am using p18f25k22 pic micro controller. i am new in pic programming. I want to check port change interrupts on RB4 and RB5 at same time. how to write C code??? please help me.. Thanks, Karthi
Hi, There are no hard and fast rules as to what ports you use, though generally PortA is handy for inputs /adc, PortB for outputs and / or Inputs with interrupts. PortC for data transmission like USART,SPI,I2C and PortD for General purpose i/o - typically a lcd. TRIS sets the Direction of a Port, 0 for Output 1 for Input. However for
Hi I have to design a Data Logger programusing mikroC PRO to run on the Easypic5 board (with pic 16F877A microcontroller). I also have to use a 2-line LCD for display. Here is what i have been given: The program will take measurements from Analogue Port AN0 at regular intervals, and save the raw data to EEPROM. The user should be able t
I generally agree, but next time please remember to at least write which pic you are using, because different families have sometimes very different peripheral mechanisms (although what Easyrider83 said is true for all of pic micros, maybe excluding pic32 because it's MIPS core and may have interrupts handled in different way).
I assume you are interfacing using a UART and hence can use receive interrupts (so characters are not lost if the pic is busy doing something else) I tend to collect characters from the modem using recevie interrupts and put them in a buffer - when I have a complete line I then signal the mian control loop, e.g. to check for OK or ERROR or (...)
Hello, I discovered these boards earlier this week and found it very useful, so thanks to everyone already! I am having a hard time understanding timer1 for a pic18F4520. I am running an 8MHz oscillator and I want to have it interrupt every 10 ms. My understanding of this is that the timer would increment the counter (with a 1:8 prescaler) ev
Below is an extract from a programme that I wrote. I used TMR0 to do the timing. It could be modified so the pic can do other functions while the timer is running. Note that I did not use interrupts as I detected the TMR0 overflow by polling the TMR0 overflow flag. I have also used this technique for detecting button presses. I polled t
Hi all, i am working on pic16f877a for some project in which i need to work with timer,serial and external interrupts. i write a code for this it is working onle once at initially after words not going to ISR second time how can i solve this. can any one help me on this. Thanks in advance.
Dear All, I need some help on saving current consumption while the pic MCU in SLEEP mode. I used three interrupts that is INT0, RBIF and Comparator interrupts. I have used 6v, 4.2Ah sealed lead acid battery. I have used WDT to wake up the device every 24 Hrs. Until then I put the device in SLEEP mode. After 24 Hrs expires I have to enable (...)
My UART example use RX Interrupt.
I am relatively new to using pics (or any microcontrollers in anger). I have experimented with a couple of pic16f variants using picC lite on a picKit2. I think the major problem I'm having now is debouncing the pins A and B from the (gray code) encoder. I am trying to use the pic's (16f628A) 'on PortB c
pic16F788? Is this a typo or some ancient pic 16F, that Microchip has long forgotten? I can most likely advise you with this issue. However, I need additional details before making a recommendation: What is the pic you are using? If it truly is a pic16F788, upload a datasheet. What are all the duties or (...)
Hİ for all ! I have not been around just because of I'm at army and away from programmes I want to use usart with interrupts but its not working can you help me ? There are two codes below one of buttons with pic other one is leds with pic buttons with pic #include <pic.h> (...)