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Good Morning Guys I am learning interrupts using pic 16F84A.I tried this below program and worked well in my pic . I found this program on the web. I can't understand the interrupt speciaclly line between 13-18. Tutorial 12 Thanks org 0x00 ;This is
Hi, Can anyone tell me what is the use of T1CON, CCP1CON, CCPR1L and CCPR1H registers Dear what kind of help you need Try to read this link Chapter 3: pic16F887 Microcontroller - Book: pic Microcontrollers - Programming i
I've gotten the interrupts to work and figured out how the config works. Ty guys very much. Looking back I'm really greatful for all the help you guys have given. #include #include <pic18f4550.h> volatile unsigned int ls; volatile unsigned int rs; volatile unsigned int tt; __CONFIG(1,USBPLL&PLLDIV2&CPUDIV1&INTCLKO); __CONF
Hi, I've uploaded Microchip's Appnote and Source on the subject. Here are some tutorials which cover interrupts as well: Fast Track to pic
Hello everyone, I have a very wierd problem on I2C. Infineon is the master and pic is the slave. Using 100kHz baudrate. Very randomly(rarely), one of the SCL pulses is cut short and is only 300ns, whereas it should be around 10us. All interrupts on infineon are disabled for the duration of I2C. I have tried everything and this problem
can you reframe your question? not clear to me. Sleep mode is the state when the controller is not active and vice versa. No code is executed while the pic is in sleep mode, only an interrpt wakes it up, i.e., it comes in active mode and then executes whatever is required.
hi all, i have a project that i have to finish as soon as possible i am developing a dc motor controller which is controlled by pc via usb connection and i need to know how to use usb interrupts for pic 18f4550 in css is there anyone who has an idea or sample project thanx
Hi all, i am useing a buzzer, a LED and a seven segment togather in a program... And i want them to work togather but they are not due to nested for loops... How do i solve this problem??? Thanks
I am trying to implement a hardware interrupt on pic16f74 using the RBO/INT pin to switch between two stepper motors being run by the pic. i am having a hard time writing up the code to recognise and implement the intended switch. the signal meant to switch between the two motors represent the rising edge(0 - 5V)for Motor2 and falling edge (5-0V)
I am doing a mini project whereby I am supposed to measure the pulse width of one of the signals coming from the channel of the receiver. The receiver output is connected to the PIN RA4/T0CKI pin of pic18F2620. Depending on the toggle switch position of the Futaba transmitter, the pulse width picked up at the T0CKI pin can either be 1ms or 2ms.
Hi, When using the pic 16F ADC in a typical hobbyist circuit its quiet normal to set the ADC routine off and then test and wait for the GO/DONE bit to clear to say the ADC conversion has completed and the result placed in the ADRES register/s. bsf ADCON0,GO ; start conversion a2d_done: btfss ADCON0,GO
Usually the interrupt vectors are in the early locations in pic memory so the first instruction needs to be a "goto start" or something like that where "start" is defined as the first location free after the interrupt vectors. If you don't do that it will execute the interrupt routine first. Is that the problem maybe? If not, it could be to do w
Hello guys, Problem with the very basics. I am stuck with the external interrupt INT0 at RB0. Controller - pic 18F47J53 MPLAB IDE, Microchip C Compiler I could not figure out what is wrong with the following code. Kindly help me out to make this work!! #include #include #include #pragma config OSC
Hi, Firstly you have to enable global interrupts by setting GIE and then set the required interrupt, eg. TMR0 interrupt using T0IE or TMR0IE depending on which pic. Then this: program whatever sub procedure interrupt 'ISR '.................. Your interrupt code here '.................. '.................. end sub main: 'Main co
Hi folks. Once again I'm having problems with my pic. Am trying to use a counter and an interupt to create PWM slower that 976Hz, I have set up the counter and interrupt and both are working fine, I can poll the interupt flag to determine if the inturupt has occured and sure enough it has, only doing this defies the point of using an interrup
Assuming this is a pic, make sure UART (Sync), ADC and interrupts (Peripheral) are turned off. Also pull up/down all I/O pins and set them as I/P Also read the Mid-range reference manual : thoroughly. Section 26 for sure.
If you do it properly with interrupts I can’t see any reason why it shouldn’t be stable .. Here is an example of video super-imposer based on a pic and without external sync-separator: But adding specialised IC such as the LM1881, as you plan, can
OK, I know I'm a masochist for using the 16F690 but I was limited to chips that have a timer 1 gate. I have the chip running for real but I'm stuck in the simulator in trying to get C2 to gate T1 and generate interrupts. The problem is that it doesn't work on the simulator. I set up a toggle stimulus on AN5 but no C2 interrupts occur although
The problem I am facing is that; once the pic takes an external interrupt on the pin RB1, it goes twice into the isr before coming out of it! I am clueless as to why! Thanks in advance for help Nishant /** I N C L U D E S **********************************************************/ #include #include #incl
hi, I'm having troubles with a pic 12f629. it's connected to 4 interruptors, and there is an output generating differents frequencies.. I use timer0 and timer1 to generate interrupts on overflow, to generate the frequencies. a simulated schematic under proteus works fine as expected. the real prototype doesnt work at all: no frequency on o