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Hi, I need to connect 5 UART peripherals to a pic. What are the best options I have to connect these 5 to a single UART interface in the pic ? I need to be able to enable interrupts to listen data receiving events from each one. Regards -KUSHAN-
I have been unable to get an interrupt timer routine work on my pic 18F2550. I basically copied the code from the C18 user's guide and it is still not working properly. Any help would be appreciated. PORTA is outputting to a 7 seg display. #include #include #include void timer_isr (void); unsigned
Device: pic16F628A Compiler: MikroC Language: C I have to use two interrupt services of the controller. The interrupts are of External interrupt and Serial Receive. But the problem is code is not working on hardware. I guess there is something wrong with my code. Following is the code snippet. void interrupt() { if (INTCON.INTF = 1)
The pic 16 family does not support interrupt priority, all interrupts have the same priority and there is only one interrupt vector. The normal procedure is to test each flag of the interrupts you have enabled and service the ones that are set. For Example: /*--- Interrupt vector ---*/ static void interrupt isr(void) { if(T0IF)
@wp100. Thanks for that interrupt guide line. I guess it's applicable to all the microchip pic as far as interrupt routine is concerned. I did get some ISR problem occasionally and manage to solve it without knowing these clearly stated rules. I have learnt something today. Thank you.
Hi! I'm having a problem with the CN interrupts on the pic24F16KA102. The interrupt routines work fine in almost any situation except when using SPI. If I enable the SPI module, the CN interrupts don't work anymore. It doesn't matter which pin is used, i've tried all possibilities. My question is: - Can I use SPI module and CN (...)
I'm using a pic 877a microcontroller. Does anyone know of restrictions to Call depth during an interrupt. I am running into a problem where two call statements under my interrupt servicing is causing an error... This is only in simulation and might be a bug in the simulator, but wanted to be sure...
how can i read 50Hz with pic. i am using pic basic plus but i cant use pulsin command for this purpose bcaz i my main loop i cant wait so long. can i read 50Hz square wave through interrupts if i use portb.0 for the hardware interrupt, i cant use CCP pin for capture purpose bcaz i am generating PWM with this pin. i am using 16f73 with xtal (...)
Hello i am using pic18F4550 and i want to use its interrupts, i have written a simple code to blink an led when interrupt is received on RB0. But its not working please see the code and guide. thanks //************************************************************************************************* //test code for int0, blink led on
hi friends i have gone through the application note AN967 speed control of 3 phase induction motor using 16f72,in that he has used timer-1 in 8 bit timer to configure timer-1 in 8 bit timer mode. tell me if any one has worked on it .
hi friends .... what are peripheral interrupts in pic controllers ......../
i am using pic 18f and i have photo sensor giving me digital data (pulses) how could i count these pulses using TMR0 and interupt iam using mikroc programming
i need to sense rpm in 1 second . i am using timer0 for 1 second duration, and i need to sense counts in 1 second i.e ext interrupt on portb.0 of pic , how do i manage these two interrupts simultaneously. Are you really wanting RPS at all? If not, then it makes no sense to use 1 second as your base time for the
You have to set the PIE register too. Have you cleared the flag bit before the return? It's all in the datasheet. Have you read it for your pic?
Hi man, You can interrupts of Microcontroller like pic 16F84 (5 $ ii think). In rising edge of the pulse Timer is started. If fall edge cams before 1 second switch, if fall edge comes between (1-s) and (1+s) then swich off where s is the marge of sensibility that you can chose. Hope it help Don't forget to push the helped me button.
Hello, i think most of you probably saw this webpage: it is about how to make exactly 1 second delay on pics using interrupts. but my problem is i absolutely dont understand the heart of this algorithm. here is a fragment of code: he declares three variables, and assigns them values: (in DEcimal) bres
Hi all, I'm trying to use wheel encoders on my robot. I am using pic18F1320 and programming in C. I used pic to generate the PWM and set the PORTs to set the direction of movement. I attached the wheel encoder hardware (which works just fine) and let the pic get an interrupt as the sensors see different color patch when the wheel (...)
Hello, experimenting with interrupts using pic16F84A So i connected one LED to the RB7 line of PORTB. and i connected active-LOW Push button to RB0 line of PORTB. pressing the button toggles On/OFF the LED. so here is the code which i took from the book "Microcontroller Programming: the Microchip pic", and remaked for my current circ
One question I have, pics have constant latency time for serving interrupts, while 8051 don't. What about AVRs ? Thanks alot
Actually, it depends on how you code it. A pic will automatically disable further interrupts when it enters the interrupt routine, but you can enable interrupts near the beginning of the routine (clear the interrupt flags and set the GIE bit). Be careful to make allowances for context saving of the interrupted interrupt routine. -jonathan