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I canīt communicate two pics with i2c. I have enabled interrupts in the slave SSPIE = 1; SSPIF = 0; PEIE = 1; GIE = 1; and monitored all the registers of the slave pic in one LCD: SSPSTAT, SSPCON1, SSPCON2, INTCON, INTCON2, INTCON3, PIR1, PIR2, PIE1, PIE2, IPR1, IPR2, RCON to see if something chages and then I send a byte from (...)
It is hard to tell you what to do without haveing a look at both the schematic and source code. Make sure u include proper header files like eg. pic16C56 in your c code. Check your code and possibly rewrite sections that are precessor dependant eg. timers ( 8 bit vs. 16), interrupts etc. If you written the source in c, that should not be a probl