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Hello, I need help. pic USED 18F46J50 Compiler mikroc PRO Set RX2 and TX2 in the RP0 RP1. Puertos TX1 and RX1 occupied. code used { RCSTA2.SPEN=1; // activate USART2 TRISA.F0=1; //RX2 Input TRISA.F1=0; //TX2 Output INTCON.GIE=0; // disable interrupts EECON2=0X55; // EECON2=0XAA; PPSCON.I
A would like to generate interrupts every 250ms with Timer1, but I get interrupts with more than 1 sec using the code below (I am writing it in mikroc PRO for pic). I set frequency to 8MHz with internal oscillator. What is the problem? Thank you for helping. void InitTimer1(){ T1CON = 0x31; TMR1IF_bit = 0; (...)
pic 18F4620 20HZ
Hi, I am using mikroc Pro for pic. pic18f4550. And know I connected 2 projects in one project. DS18S20 thermometers and RTC. But know program is running very slow. If DS18S20 is working RTC not. I find out I need interrupts, but I am new in this and don't understant how use them, can anyone help? here is my source code: // (...)
as per i know in pic once we read from rxreg it will get cleared, (or next data in buffer takes place in it). is accessing this reg in any way will clear it..
Hi, Here you'll find a nice implementation of a pic frequency counter in mikroc :
hello, Your probleme is not interrupt treatment, pic allready must use interrupts in UART functions, you have to define a protocol for exchanging data between your 2 devices. What can of data your are transmitting.. Raw data (binary data) or ascii data ? simplest protocole can be use if ascii data ENQ ACK NACK ... response to define which will
Hi I have to design a Data Logger programusing mikroc PRO to run on the Easypic5 board (with pic 16F877A microcontroller). I also have to use a 2-line LCD for display. Here is what i have been given: The program will take measurements from Analogue Port AN0 at regular intervals, and save the raw data to EEPROM. The user should be (...)
Device: pic16F628A Compiler: mikroc Language: C I have to use two interrupt services of the controller. The interrupts are of External interrupt and Serial Receive. But the problem is code is not working on hardware. I guess there is something wrong with my code. Following is the code snippet. void interrupt() { if (INTCON.INTF (...)
i am using pic 18f and i have photo sensor giving me digital data (pulses) how could i count these pulses using TMR0 and interupt iam using mikroc programming