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I think the issue here are the words "at the same time". That MCU has a single interrupt vector and while it is servicing an interrupt the MCU will not interrupt that to service another one. However that does not stop 2 interrupt sources being active at the same time. One way you might be able to do this is to use the fact that you need to detec
hello I am explaining TMR0 to some students, and I followed the explanation in datasheet. The datasheet says that the pin PEIE (Peripheral interrupt enable) has a relation with TMR0. but this is wrong. I tried to put PEIE = 0 and this did not stop TMR0 from enabling its interrupt. if this is in datasheet, why PEIE has no effect? the oth
I'm new to micro c . Need to turn Timer1 on pic16F877A after pressed a switch 1 and then turn it off when pressed switch 2, then displaying the period of the time on LCD. Plz help me is urgent... I attached proteus simulation picture as well as micro c code that i tried... but i don't no whether it is correct... [url=obra
The whole stepper code has to be implemented in Timer ISR or you can set a flag in Timer ISR and then check if this flag is true in while(1) loop and if true, update the stepper using a counter and switch statement. - - - Updated - - - To Provide you an example code you have to mention what pic and what freq
How do you make two infinite loop in you code?. How will you execute 2nd loop without exiting from 1st loop? What I am guessing is, you want to make PWM and ADC functions simultaneously. pic877a has inbuilt PWM feature, you can configure timer for generating PWM signals on CCPx pin. Once it is configured you don't need any extra codes for its func
Hello, I need help. pic USED 18F46J50 Compiler MikroC PRO Set RX2 and TX2 in the RP0 RP1. Puertos TX1 and RX1 occupied. code used { RCSTA2.SPEN=1; // activate USART2 TRISA.F0=1; //RX2 Input TRISA.F1=0; //TX2 Output INTCON.GIE=0; // disable interrupts EECON2=0X55; // EECON2=0XAA; PPSCON.I
A would like to generate interrupts every 250ms with Timer1, but I get interrupts with more than 1 sec using the code below (I am writing it in MikroC PRO for pic). I set frequency to 8MHz with internal oscillator. What is the problem? Thank you for helping. void InitTimer1(){ T1CON = 0x31; TMR1IF_bit = 0; TMR1H = 0x0B;
Friends can any one help me how to control the firing angle by using a external push button to pic controller.....if anybody having code means please send. THANK YOU
In CCS C Compiler it is possible to set a multitude of interrupts and assign an ISR to it. I want to know what happens if multiple interrupts occur at the same time or if another interrupt occurs before the current ISR has not finished execution. For example, here is a list of some of the possible interrupts: Analog to digital (...)
You have to display data in two different modes and use Timer interrupts. If you want I will write a program for you. Which MCU you want to use? pic, AVR, 8051 ? What crystal frequency will you use ? - - - Updated - - - You have to use a button to toggle the display mode. If button status is 0 then adc value
here i am programming pic16F877a Micro controller for interrupt i did a program of handling external Interrupt and it is working correct, for the service routine of External interrupt i was instructed to add a ISR function(can be of any name) with interrupt keyword, for e.g. i use void interrupt external(void) // interrupt keyword followed by a
Hi I want to create a flash light during 1 second using pic 16F877A I tried to do it with timer0 but it didn't work this is the source code: list p=16f877a #include tmp EQU 0x020 __CONFIG _CP_OFF & _DEBUG_OFF & _WRT_OFF & _CPD_OFF & _LVP_OFF & _BODEN_OFF & _PWRTE_O
i am using pic 16f877a with 8MHZ crystal and microC for pic for coding for buck and boost modules operation and i am using relays with the outputs of buck and boost so that only one output is received from buck and boost at a time(either buck will be on or boost will be on). i am using port A for analog inputs,portB for LCD,Port E for buck boost e
pic 18F4620 20HZ
Hi frnds I have doubt in USART1 Receive pic18f45k22 controller. I am using C18 compiler. Could you please explain the interrupt vector and isr function.? #include #include #include #include #include #include #define EAUSART_V11 // CONFIG1H #pragma config FOSC = H
Hi I have created a board based on pic15F876A running a finite state machine. I want to add a wifi module so that I can read/write command to this board via HTTP. I checked online several modules: RN131 Openpicus CC3000 GA1000 Wi-Fi EasyWiFi Board Any other suggestion? Can you also please help me to understand the best way to sync
I want to make a PS/2 based mouse using pic18f4550 ( i am doing it just for learning the ps/2 protocol and interfacing). I have read about the ps/2 communication from the internet. I am confused with the ps/2 protocol and pic's serial port. I want to know which of the serial communication module of pic such as EUSART or SPI i have to use (...)
cannot see any obvious way to improve performance - clearly the * is the longest operation - can you give more details of the algorithm? how often does the timer interrupt? if only mSeconds there should be no problem but get 50000 interrupts/second and you could have timing problems can you increase the processor clock by using clock multipliers
Hello everyone! can any one advice me how to enter the pic16f877 into deep sleep/sleep mode and to wake up from sleep/deep sleep mode using external interrrup Int0???? thanks in advance for you kind reply but please reply me with the code.
hello all! I am using pic18F46K22. I need to communicate with gprs module and an rf receiver . I am receiving the rf data using interrupts.This is my first priority. Once i receive the data it needs to be sent to the server using a gprs module. I am communicating with the gprs module without any interrupts. I first initialize the (...)