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in my project i am having 8 sensors. the sensors are placed 5 meters apart from the main pic control board. from the sensor to main pic control board i am using this lan cable. for example if the first sensor is active it will send a logic 24 high through the lan cable this is receiver at the receiver side digital input (...)
this ethernet controller is used for pic microcontrollers and arduino. Here you will find the datasheet>
I am using pic 18F67J60 having Built in Ethernet Controller wit 10mbps speed. A Camera having serial interface is connected to the microcontroller. The images with size more than 50kb are able to load with the adjustable chunk (Packet) size from camera to microcontroller. I want to transfer these images over lan through ethernet using HTML page. I
guys i am trying for 18f97j60 ethernet pic to be connected through ethernet with PPPoE protocol? is it good practice i heard that PPPoE is different from TCP/ip stack. so is it advicibel to go for PPPoE in this ethernet chip?? i am designing a datalogger system to get connected to PC over lan. my compiler is MikroC. also suggest me if a
Easiest approach would be using an Ethernet Controller with PHY and MAC. For pic18f i think the best option would be ENC28J60.
A project (with pic microcontroller) of the same topic is published in "Elektor Electronics" July august 2010. Try to get a copy of the same. Any way the codes may be downloaded fron their site. Cheers
I want to access a pic controlled device from the lan, and I'm planning to use ENC28J60. Microchip provides a TCP/IP stack but I don't want to use it because of 2 reasons: 1) The only pic programming language I know is the assembly language and Microchip TCP/IP stack is written for C. 2) (...)
hi medopower I was able to use a pic to read data from a ADE 7758 and to transmit this data over a lan to a server PC running labview. If you are interested mail me at and i will happily help you.
hi. anyone helps me how can I communicate router modem and pic??? plz help
simple really... you use a pic that actually have an USART like pic16F628A.
1.How can I connect a pic to lan? 2.should I choose a specific pic? 3.which pic can I choose for this purpose ? 4.I need a good tutorial or a book in this field with great details.
Hi I want to connect my pic microcontroller to a wireless lan using a conventional Wi-Fi card future i may require to connect other PCMCIA devices also to this connector. Is it practically possible to log on my pic device to a lan (of PCs and Laptops) using Wi fi card? If possible what should I look for ? What (...)
Hi all, I have made small embedded Webserver using RTL8019as and pic controller.And this embedded Webserver is working very good on lan and serving different HTML webpages. But the problem is that how to i put this WEBSERVER on internet ......!How i see webpages on the out of my house which served by the Webserver. this WEBSERVER supports
Microchip have their own solution now, the ENC28J60. Looks easy enough to use, just add the magnetics and a few passive components. Don't know if you'll fit much code to drive it into an 877 though. You might just be able to do UDP. The same problem might exist for any smaller pic.
I found wireless lan card with avr and pic on web "air drop". see
hi everybody i need to design system using microcontroller such as Atmel Or pic. To transfere data between to points using Ethernet Interface (lan). plz Help
Well, using a pic ? holly.... Basically you need to implement a RTP protocol I think its better you go straight to the FAQ's :D The basic RFC 1889 - RTP: A Transport Protocol for Real-Time Applications from 1996 is a MUST read, and with it you may manage to start sending stuff. Then you
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