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Dear, Sir/Mam I have knowledge in 8051,pic. I wants to manufacture an outdoor display board using microcontroller which can support image, text, and also video. So, help me for manufacturing process.
microcontrollers, including those manufactured by Microchip, typically fall into two categories concerning support for an Ethernet interface: 1. Those which provide an embedded Media Access Control (MAC) module and its associated MII/RMII interface. 2. Those which do not provide an embedded MAC. Concerning the first category, an external p
This might help you. Also why are you not using mikroC PWM library and vary the duty of the PWM at required intervals using a Timer ?
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You have to use Timer1 Interrupt to produce 99 ms delay. The interrupt will occur every 99ms. Timer0 example. Make a similar code for Timer1.
How many software UARTs can I use in a pic microcontroller??
I've been messing around with a teensy 3.1 and I really like the power that the embedded ARM cores lends to projects that would normally use a "standard" microcontroller such as an AVR or pic. I've been working on an idea for a project of mine and when considering the processor I want to use, the idea of an ARM processor came to mind. (...)
Which Compiler are you using? If you use pic microcontroller and mikroC PRO pic Compiler then it will be easy. You have to install Package Manager from mikroe and install NMEA library from libstock. The library is made only for pic and dspic. This I did using pic, mikroC PRO (...)
what literature are you reading on this subject? just to know if you are reading good books. Personally, you should read books which would help you get the work done but also slowly build up your understanding. The project sounds intense. Since you are using pic microcontroller, you should read pic projects book by (...)
Laser Range Finder MkII pic sonar (ultrasonic) range finding project using a seven segment display Ultrasonic range finder using 8051 Best regards, Peter
hi ALL can some one guide me to some projects using pic microcontroller and can bus plus some advanced can bus tutorials best regards Controller Area Network projects, Dogan Ibrahim
yes I have same problem usb1 project from advanced pic microcontroller projects in c with pic18f Undeclared Identifier 'USB_Interrupt_Proc'
check the link
this link will help you be free to asking any question
hi all, how to access text file "helloworld.txt" in SD card using pic microcontroller and display it in Graphical LCD........? i mean how to read .txt files in SD Cards using pic and display it in Graphical LCD...???? so far i have read the book "SD card projects using the pic (...)
Hello there, I am happy to help you. Try these links and revert back me.
Hi there, Please go through these links and revert me back.
If you are new to gsm project then i recommend to use SIM300 module because there is lot of projects and help available on internet. And for pic uC, If you know how to program 18F series then choose any 20 or 28 pin uC or select 16F 20 or 28 pin which includes on chip USART.. pic16F877 is good for newbies and ready (...)
The SIM300 is no longer manufactured by SIMCOM, but instead the upgrade is now the SIM900. The AT commands remain the same, so these commands can stay the same Their is a paperback book on how to interface a Microchip pic to the SIM300 written a couple of years ago. The book was called "microcontroller Based GSM/GPRS projects: Advanced (...)