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I assume you're using an older MCU like an AVR or pic which are specced for 5V operation. To get extended battery life you should use a 3V MCU powered directly from the batteries, or with a LDO with very low IQ (many CMOS LDOs have Iq in the uA range). If you are clever with your component selection and use sleep modes correctly, one can reduce pow
Easyrider83 is correct, even if the answer isn't what you wanted to hear :smile: That pin is an input only, you can't use it to control anything outside the pic. Brian.
Hi all, I am trying to write a code for pic so that it can carry out different function depends on setting mode. Default mode: both LED blinking mode 1 : LED 1 is blinking mode 2 : LED 2 is blinking But my code doesnt work as what i thought. I am using IF statement my code is as below: void (...)
i want to build on off programable switch using pjc when i search on net then this project is find. link of project= but the problem is this code is only for one cycle of relay on and off operation ... i need relay on off on off after given time un
I want interface RAM with pic18f87k22 for store data, more specifically i want declare variable in the address of external RAM. After reading bunch of forum i conclude that i have to interface RAM parallel, which is supported by this cpu and use extended mode. (See attachment for clarification) I am not able find specific documentation about it.
Most pic smaller can be programmed using LVP at 5V and 3.3V but you lose the use of the PGM pin for other purposes. The pic24+ series do not lose the the pin but regardless of that, the Brenner9L design is borderline on being able to provide enough drive current for ICSP. Also note that if you fit the 3.3V regulator, you may not be able to progra
Please show a schematic. It is probably an electical issue rather than software. Are you using LVP mode to program the pic? Brian.
i am having xbee2 module, my aim is to transmit serial data wirelessely. i am using xbee in transparent mode. i am having a pic micro 18f25k22 that operates in 3.3v . now i am printing a serial message "testing xbee" this is done if connect to hyperteminal i can see this. now i connected the tx terminal of pic to D-IN terminal of xbee, on (...)
Hi I m configuring CAN controller. i m using mcp2515 can controller and 16f876a pic. I read the datasheet, adn as per data sheet configure the bit time in Configuration mode so i done it. Now what should i configure, i m confused. is i have to configure the reception in Configuration mode only? How to proceed?
i am using pic 16f877a for my project and i am using very basic code to get 5V on certain pins,i am using 20Mhz crystal and two 22pF capacitors.i am giving +5v on VDD and gnd on Vss and giving +5V on MCLR.but i dont get any output at all.plz help.i have set the oscillator to HS as i am using 20Mhz crystal.maybe my crystal isnt working how do i veri
I am thinking of use the MAX155 Maxim, which offers 8 S & H channels so I will have simultaneous sampling. This IC communicates in parallel with the outside world, with 5Mhz clock makes conversion to max 3,8 uS so I will have a to
You have to display data in two different modes and use Timer interrupts. If you want I will write a program for you. Which MCU you want to use? pic, AVR, 8051 ? What crystal frequency will you use ? - - - Updated - - - You have to use a button to toggle the display mode. If button status is 0 then adc value
This book "Embedded C Programming and the Microchip pic" contains the solution but it is CCS C Code. You can convert it to Hi-Tech picC code. Buy the book.
Hello All, I'm using pic18f24j11. In my application my pic IC is connected to Bluetooth Module through UART. Both sharing same power source from battery. My problem is : When i program my pic IC in release mode I'm able to see the data on RX line from the BLE Module to pic IC. But when I program my (...)
pic24EP512GP806 MPLAB8.8V Hi, I am interfacing s25FL032P flash memory with my pic through SPI. how to calculate and set SCK required to use. For normal read mode in S25FL032P speed is 40Mhz clock speed. For setting prescalar bits in SPIxCON1 of pic24 how do I calculate the what prescalar values i need to choose (...)
I would use a dual one shot with suitable buffer and current limiter R to a few Watts of white LEDs, over driven but not to exceed max I with < 20% duty cycle. 1st one shot in retriggerable multistable vibrator or oscillator mode adjusts f vs R over a very wide f range with suitable RC values and Rmin limit. Then output drives 2nd one shot in asta
Without a schematic or program it is difficult to predict what might be wrong! Things to check: 1. is MCLR high? (if it is low or not pulled high the pic will be stuck in reset mode) 2. Is the oscillator actually running? Do you have it set to XT mode and have you followed the connection guidleines? 3. Do you have decoupling capacitors (...)
Hello everyone, i'm old reader but new member in this forum..!! I'm currently working on a Real-time measurement system to measure voltage, current, frequency and some other electrical signals. The heart of my system is a pic18F4553 and as communication protocol i must use I2C cause for every measurement there will be a subsystem on separate PCB
I am trying to interface pic628A with WT32i. pic has USART interface and WT32 has UART pins. Knowing that "Synchronous mode (USART) requires both data and a clock and asynchronous mode (UART) requires only data" I concluded that I have to connect pins 8 and 9 of pic to respective WT32 pins (16 and 15) (...)
I presume "PWM" means in this case that a pic timer is used in PWM mode to generate a square wave of fixed duty cycle. We get a 5V square wave at the MOSFET drain (or less, depending on the LC values). It will generate an AC current through the LC circuit. If LC is tuned to 125 kHz, it's mostly a 125 kHz sine current.