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Hello everyone.. As a part of my project, I want to take input from sensor and send it to pic16F877A MC,which sends an SMS through GSM SIM900A to another GSM module at the other side.Another pic MC at the receiving GSM module turns ON an LED , which is the output required. I am a newbie to GSM modules and hence I tried sending an SMS to a (...)
Hi there i try to build an error code monitor with 1 led..i need like 10 input when input 1 is selected led is blinking 1 time after 3 seconds off blinking again... when input #2 is selected led is blinking 2 times 3 seconds off and blinking again....number #3... 3 times...until like that to #10 need some help to start (...)
HI, Here is the c code for PWM generation using pic16f72 /***************************************************************************** 1)The Timer2 module has one source of input clock, the device clock (FOSC/4). 2)The postscaler counts the number of times that the TMR2 register matched the PR2 register 3)Changing the value of the C
i want to send number from pic16F877A By MikroC To Arduino but i have problem , any one Know where is the problem ??? Code Arduino #include #define rxPin 2 #define txPin 3 #define ledPin 12 SoftwareSerial mySerial = SoftwareSerial(rxPin, txPin); void setup() { pinMode(rxPin, input); pinMode(txPin, OUTPUT
i have a project to design a automatic switching capacitor for power factor correction system.. the pic will eventually detect an input from current transducer. the current transducer will detect current value n convert to number(0-255) i think... if value is from 0-100... o/p A will trigger... if value from 101-150, o/p B will trigger and (...)
Hi, How have you got the input pin of the pic configured ? What 18F chip and what pin number are you using ?
I want to measure sine wave of 220v with pic microcontroller using simple resistive network. i will provide 2.5 volts offset, so that the voltage changes at the input of adc represents both negative and positive half cycles. the only thing that i m confused about is how to start sampling and when to stop it. and also how do i know how many sam
Instead of looking for a completely compatible alternative, you should decide what are the features and peripherals you need. Eg. you may decide that you need a certain number of pins, a certain number of ADC input pins, a certain number of PWM modules. You may need serial communication. Like this, choose what you want and (...)
Hello. I have this RFID reader (serial ver.). It's got one serial output pin that sends the data "TTL-level interface, 2400 bps, 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit." How do I read this using pic? I'm googleing whole day but no luck. Could someon
I've gotten the interrupts to work and figured out how the config works. Ty guys very much. Looking back I'm really greatful for all the help you guys have given. #include #include <pic18f4550.h> volatile unsigned int ls; volatile unsigned int rs; volatile unsigned int tt; __CONFIG(1,USBPLL&PLLDIV2&CPUDIV1&INTCLKO); __CONF
I prefer using any IC chips than pic. No problem, you'll surely be able to find datasheets, e.g. for 7490 counter and 7447 7-Segment decoder. Wire the counters for the intended digit number and connect the pulse signal to the input. P.S.: LM331 output is open collector and will need a pull-up resistor to VCC.
ECL D-FF with a reset input. Check ONSemi website. I've done a counter upto approx. 2GHz by a chain of D-FFs. When the frequency was low enough, I've used the pic for the remaining division/counting.
Hi, Most microcontroller would be able to do what you want. Choose a microcontroller that have the feature you need. example, the number of input output line, UART, timer. As for ram, microcontroller have ram built into it. Not much ram, but should be more than enough to do the task you need. That is why it is call a microcontroller and
Hello everybody, I would like to know how to connect my GSM module (SIM300) to my microcotroller (pic 18F4525) ??. I have to command the GSM module so that it dial a number if an input of the pic 18F4525 is activated, aslo the SIM300 should be able to activate a relay (in the outputs of the Microcontroller) by AT (...)
hi all, i want to connect 4 7-segment display to pic 16F877A the 1st is 4 digit the 2nd is 3 digit the 3rd is 3 digits the 4th is 2 digits and i want to use the minimum number of ports beacause i need it to connect sensors and the PWM port to motor so i tray to do that with one pic is it could>? and how? thanks
well, uC delay are very Xtal dependent... so in your pic (I think its pic16F--- huh?) say, you are using a 4MHz Xtal, just set my reg7 as data variable and use a fixed 1ms delay... DELAY_1ms: movlw .199 movwf reg7 goto $+1 decfsz reg7 goto $ - .2 RETURN and make another subroutine to "call" this one the times you wan
hi the IDE doesnt deside which type of hardware u wnat to use u have to physically connect the pic to a 7segment display & program the controller such that i will out put the number that u pressed on the input side here is sample circuit. the 7 sement should be either common anode/cathode type
You can see this It may be heplful Greetings
Do you know how to write the program using pic in C language?? I suggested to use CPLD - it has nothing connected to pic or C programming. You suggest me to use 8052 uchip...... this uchip i did't use before... Again, wrong. I suggested to check similar topic on . They discuss