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I reckon it MIGHT work if: 1) The pci card that you buy adds genuine serial port hardware to your PC. (COM1 or COM2 or both) 2) The pci card gives out sufficiently high voltage levels to suit your DIY programmer. +/- 9 Volts might be typical. 3) The DIY programmer can operate with a modern serial port. Some DIY programmers expect +/- 12 (...)
In other words, you would like to design a pci card with a pic onboard? :shock: Why? If this is the requirement, you would need to either utilize an existing pci interface chipset or implement such an interface with an FPGA/CPLD. Implementing a pci interface is certainly a nontrivial affair. BigDog
I want some information about how can I interface a device having GPIB Port to pc and use its data in my program or a in softwares such as matlab or labview?
Hi Ladies and Gentleman, I am 6 months old in pci express verification , and an eager enthuiastic too, I would be happy If some one asks me a doubt (query ) on this topic , Ofcourse u are invited to share your knowledge too.Lets share!! Regards, Tumcha BAAP
Hi, This is code for common wi-fi cards (PCMCIA card) with a pic... no schematic, but it should be easy to figure out from the header file. If someone has the schematic, it would be nice to see it...
Has anyone ever developed HDL on a pci card with an FPGA? Also have you worked the Windows or Linux driver to get the card to work with a system? Thanks
Hi, What is BCI card? I guess it's not typing error...(pic card). If PCB visit Intel & VIA websites. you will find some placement & layout guidelines. Good luck.
what exactly u r planninf to do in pic express
Choose for example a target pci interface like PLX9050 - and, if don't need high speed transfer use your pic for IO. From the complexity point of view, I also recomand to use USB.
a RS232 serial port and AT command can work.we use a RS232 convert interfce to a 8051,then can control the modem with AT command.i think pic is same way.hope this can help you. REGARDS! shanren
I don't think that this is possible because of the pci bus. The pic bus isn't as easy as the ISA is. pci bus has got a very difficult specification. To access a graphic card from a uC you will need a pci bus master connected to the uC. For that you will need at least a 32 bit uC. By, cube007
Thanks to all answers ! I find pic 16C74 very interesting with 33 I/O pins ! (in german)