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I powered it from 1st MCLR pin, put 8mhz oscillator with capacitors into 13th and 14th pin, connected led to 19th pin and led is not blinking. ??? MCLR/VPP is not the power pin. Must supply VDD pins 11 and 32. Please show your complete circuit. To simplify the test setup, you can run the pic from internal oscillator. One
Okay, so i tried to interface pic16f722A with LM016L LCD. i had wrote the C-code for initializing (LCD) and displaying characters on LCD. Somehow i got stuck when i simulated the program in proteus. The problems are as follows: 1)When i transfer X number of characters, it just shows (X-1) number of (...)
Do you have any experience with new version of GLCD v2.0? I had a design working few years ago. Recently I bough this 135753 new GLCD for that design. But When I connected it, it work improperly. Almost no output and noise in the Display. Here you can see that this new version has PSB and NC (No connection May be) pins rathe
Hi I have problem with strcat() Find attached mikroC pro pic project and proteus simulation file. Press A button and it will show "Set frequency" Frequency will be 100.00MHz Now use B or C button to decrement or increment the value and then (...)
I am not getting random numbers between 0 and 9. I am using pic16C73B and mikroC pro pic. srand(32757); random = 32757 - rand(); Edit: Found the solution. random = rand() % 10;
Which GSM modem ? SIM900 ? Where is AT+CNMI=.... command for new SMS notification ? UART1Read() returns only a byte. What is the Crystal frequency ? I can give you the code but not for 16F877A because it has less RAM and mikroC pro pic doesn't generate bank switching code. To receive AT+CMGR response you need a (...)
Hello everyone For my new project i am using pic16F873A MCU. The intention of my project is to monitor 4 analog input values and make the control signals as per the read analog values. The IDE i am using is MikroC pro for pic. The program is working perfectly in the (...)
Hi! I am working at transmit ecg waves to android mobile phone via bluetooth .First I try application that communation the bluetooth module and pic16f877 appliction is that count from1 to 100 in for loop on microc pro for pic program . I try this.I write the android (...)
Hi-Tech picC project Not Compiling I have attached the project. Code is correct because I have ported mikroC pro pic Code to Hi-Tech picC. I am using Lite version of the Hi-Tech picC Compiler. I am using the last version of the MPLAB and Compiler. (...)
Hello! I'm using mikroC pro for pic and proteus 8. here's the header and source files and the circuit 126497 My code works perfectly when i comment these 6 lines in programme.c (from line 93 to line 98): Lcd_Out(1,2,"OPERATION"); Lcd_Out(2,8,"ACHIVED"); (...)
ConnectEve Analog Clock and progressBar project. i have used this TFT. The Clock is made using FT800 mikroC pro pic32 Library. MCU used is pic32MX795F512L at 80 MHz but even pic or AVR can do the job with ConnectEve. VisualTFT is used to make the Clock (...)
im working on project (pic16F1705) and i try to understand the Convesion library, i used an example provided in the exemple folder. /* * project name: Conversions * Copyright: (c) Mikroelektronika, 2008. */ char res_ch; int res_int; char txt; void main() { (...)
Thanks Mr pic programmer and. Ajaya Kumar for your time and consideration. Also Please tell me the Full name of keil IDE
Hello ismailka probably your proteus 8.1 is a Demo version, for this reason some things are not working. But if you have that fully version and correctly installed simulator can be several things not working the keyboard: The program in the pic. The way you have connected the keyboard to the (...)
HI i have a pic16F628 that i burned out the pin 3 data input used in the 5 digit frequency counter sold on the web i read the chip and it say's that the chip is not protected. i need to program a new chip so i need to get the data from it to burn a new one i am using pic basic pro . when (...)
Hello, I wrote a program for interfacing 4*4 matrix keypad with pic18f4520 using mikrocpro for pic, which is as follows, #include #define ROW0 PORTB.B1 //o/p #define ROW1 PORTB.B3 #define ROW2 PORTB.B5 #define ROW3 PORTB.B7 #define COL0 RB0_bit //i/p #define COL1 RB2_bit #define (...)
Hello, I need help. pic USED 18F46J50 Compiler MikroC pro Set RX2 and TX2 in the RP0 RP1. Puertos TX1 and RX1 occupied. code used { RCSTA2.SPEN=1; // activate USART2 TRISA.F0=1; //RX2 Input TRISA.F1=0; //TX2 Output INTCON.GIE=0; // disable interrupts EECON2=0X55; // (...)
Zip and post the complete mikroC pro pic project files. It will help others in helping you.
Hi everybody! I am using the Mikroc compiler with pic18F2550 and simulating with proteus. I want to print a float value in lcd. It is a current value from the ACS712 hall sensor, but it is not working. The LCD doesn't show anything. The part of the code to display the information is below. If I forgot some important information, please (...)
helo everyone. i m trying to use the ad feature of the pic to show the conversion result on the lcd, i using microc pro for programming and the software shows 3 commans in ad header file that are adc_init, adc_read and adc_sample_read but using these commands i m getting nothing on the (...)