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The Microchip document DS31028A-page 28-11 gives schematic for a "Example Driver board Schematic" for pic programmer. My question is related to the function of the second op-amp. It is clear that the first op-amp is being used as a current buffer in unity feedback. The second opamp has these two bjt transistors at the output and is (...)
For pic10F, 12F, 16F, 18F devices ? Buy mikroElektronika Easypic v7 board. It has a onboard mikroProg (programmer and debugger) which works with mikroC PRO pic, mikroBasic PRO pic and mikroPascal PRO pic Compilers. The board also has (...)
I have a MX460 development board from olimex and a pic-ICD2-TINY programmer but I do not know how to connect them and how to configure MPLABX to use it. I connect the programmer via ICSP. But I still have a power jack that I do not know if I have to use it to power the programmer or to power the (...)
The advertising statement for the development board is a bit confusing. I don't see any functionality related to JTAG, USB connector is for power supply only, apparently the bottom-right 6-pin connector is for programmer connection, apparently compatible with pickit pin assignment.
Hi, I would like to suggest you some points about your PCB. 1- Try to avoid 90 deg corners in your tracks 2- If possible, make your design single sided 3- Try to use a power plane for your ground, it will save you many connections. 4- Also, why you use pic16F877A? - - - Updated - - - Ohh, sorry I forgot to
Well I built this programmer (LINK BELOW) on a vero-board but on programming my 12c508a uController I always get a No Oscillator calibration value found (Click yes or no for value from 0FFFh file).... but on clicking either yes or no it always comes to this verify failed at address 0000h error! I have read forums and on following some instructions
Hi Tony, EasypicV7 have RJ-12 ICSP (ICD2) on board, you may use other programmer, but if you have intention to use MPLab, I dont understand why you need EasypicV7? you need to find some dev.board from Microchip directly, but if you are begginer EasypicV7 dev board will allow (...)
Where can i buy a pic18F kit like this ? 90322
I bought development board from Microchip. I am able to run the program given by them in the programmer mode. But in Debugger mode , The pic is working but I am not able to open the webpage. Please help.
hi one and all, mikroprog suite for pic v2.11. when i'm loading program it is showing vcc error. target board is pic18f87k22-i/pt controller.please guide me. regards Nagaraju
Unfortunately, you will need a pic programmer to put the bootloader into the pic in the first place. The ready-built Arduino and Pinguino boards come already programmed with the bootloader. There is no way around this. Something like a picKit 3 (Microchip's own programmer). We can help (...)
Which pic uC you need to program ?
can some one explain me detailed procedure of how to program a pic microcontroller and then how to burn the code onto development board has an inbuilt programmer.
im using a pic development board..with a 20mhz using pic16f877a and mikroC compiler and a top 2005 universal programmer... wrote a code to display a string on 16x2 lcd ...but nothing is being displayed........the development board is fine...thers some prob either in my code or m missing something while (...)
Do you mean that you work with a development board from mikroElektronika (eg Easypic) and you use MPLAB as your IDE?
I think I used it and is good one. You can see the supported devices on the same page. This covers 10, 12, 16, 18, 24 and 33 series of pic and also Atmel. Only warn NOT TO PROGRAM THE 3.3 volts devices without 3.3 volts expansion board.
Hey, is "USB ICSP pic programmer V2010" can be used to download program to pic 16F877A? I mean this What is the cons?
1. Decide microcontroller. pic micocontroller is better. 16F series is more popular. 16F628A, 16F876. 2.Purchase two or three pics. 3.Download and install Mplab from microchip site. 4. Download datasheet of the pic selected. 5.Make a simple development board with 5V supply. 5. Make a simple programmer (...)
Everything is fine, the programmer is supposed to be powering the board, the voltage is set to 3.25V, there is no error in build, there is no error in programming/verifying. YET, the LED refuses to glow. Are you running this in debugger or programmer mode? If debugger mode, once the pic is programmed and ver
Hello! Use/build picKIT 2 (clone, of course), is a very good programmer.

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