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can i use same ICSP programmer for programming both pic and avr ??
Hi all! I am looking for a home made cheep programmer ISP or not that can work for atleast one IC from pic and 8051 series. Is this possible Thank you all papunblg could u mention the price of this You need programmer or development board ? If you need (...)
I am new to pic programming.. I am familiar with avr compilers and programming.. Please help me how to start writing a code in HI-TECH compiler for a pic.. for eg. pic16F84
OSA is a cooperative multitasking real-time operating system (RTOS) for Microchip pic-controllers pic10, pic12, pic16, pic18, pic24, (...)
for start You should begin with smaller project, later you can make some programmer for pic and avr. Buy hot air solder station. Practice and desoldering also. You can read this material : EPE "Basic Soldering Guide" Soldering 101
I think I used it and is good one. You can see the supported devices on the same page. This covers 10, 12, 16, 18, 24 and 33 series of pic and also Atmel. Only warn NOT TO PROGRAM THE 3.3 volts devices without 3.3 volts expansion board.
I am trying to tack down application notes on how to implement my own programmer for ATmel's 8-bit avr's and Microchip pic's but am turning up a big fat nothing. Does anybody know where to get this information??
You can start with the pic16F877A. for the software, use MikroElektronika - Development tools, Compilers, Books They have Basic, C and Pascal compilers. for the programmer hardware, use the Development and Prototype boards and tools for (...)
Hi, I can provide codes with LM35 for 0 to 150'C with LM35 using mikroBASIC and either pic/avr. I don't use picBASIC, but if you can use mikroBASIC, I can help with the code and circuit diagram.
Check this, I think you will find it useful. Development and Prototype boards and tools for pic avr and MSP430
Most probably you are going to use only one brand, either pic or avr or 89s. So first you decide which micro you are going to use and buy a programmer for that. Nandhu
there are some working schem for pic prog on the net but dont know anything about avr
I would suggest to get a breadboard, a programmer and start with some simple code. i haven't found any useful similators for the pic, for the avr it is integrated itn he design suite avr studio and it's very good
hi every body i need a usb programmer for both avr an pic microcontrollers can any body help?!
Check out Microchip Motor application notes. They have pic chips optimized for motor control plus application circuits and sample code.
well how about universal, may be that is too much for start, lets try with pic's and/or avr. I want to build a open source programmer so that every body can contribute and use. regards.
Hello DavidNelly I have the Winpic800 and for me is one of the best pic progrmmers. Also program avr
here is the best site for programmers for pic and avr i have made pic programmer and it worked good can any body help me in avr programmer if any body had any easily (...)
One question I have, pics have constant latency time for serving interrupts, while 8051 don't. What about avrs ? Thanks alot
please try ponyprog. i've used it on any kind of avr,AT89,EEPROM,pic,etc using port parallel and also serial port, very nice :D:D:D