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Which GSM modem ? SIM900 ? Where is AT+CNMI=.... command for new SMS notification ? UART1Read() returns only a byte. What is the Crystal frequency ? I can give you the code but not for 16F877A because it has less ram and mikroC PRO pic doesn't generate bank switching code. To receive AT+CMGR response you need a big array
Hi, I want to make a CAN bus demo development board, for which I would request for suggestions for suitable micons from pic. I have following criteria. 1. Should be DIP ( greater than 28 pins) 2. Should have decent ram (8K) 3. Should be programmable through picKIT 3. 4. 8/16 bit 5. Is available in India (online) (...)
hello, you can start with a big pic , to avoid later ,problem of lack of ram or ROM space The advantage is to keep the same MCU along developpment because even the same 18F family, there are somme differencies between them, and causes lost of time to solve details or supposed bugs. I recently bought 18F87J50 clicker2 board wich has
Hello everyone, I'm new to microcontrollers programming and I'm practicing with the 12F509, Baseline 8 bit. I'm following some tutorials found on the net, but I've not found anything about what I'm trying to do: Pressing a button AFTER 3 SECONDS the pic turns on a led (the led part is clear to me). Same thing for the turning off, pressing
Hello guys! I am a newbie in pic programming. I have written a simple program and compiled it in mikroC selecting pic16F877A as the microcontroller. The generated hex file is of 5kB size. But in the mikroC compiler, the compiler shows the following messages: Used ram (bytes): 2 (1%) Free (...)
hi i want to perform some trigonometric functions in mikroC like get the value of sin90, cos30 etc. i wrote this code but when i run it and watch ram, values are not correct. even when i do it with float, incorrect values occur. please help long val3; void calculate (void) { val3=sin(90); } void main() { while(1)
I have build a 30 min,3 hours and 8 hours timer with pic16F628A chip. Mine should work like this: 3 tact switches: 30 min, 3 hr, 8 hr switch. When I press 30 min : the counter loads this value into the counter and starts counting down when the Start/Stop button is pressed. Similar function when the 3 hour or the 8 hour switch button is presse
i am using pic 18f4620 with ccs complier. i am constantly writing a count value in ds1307 ram (i2c 400khz), then i am running a timer interrupt for erery 500ms it will call a isr in the isr function i am togging a led. my doubt is will there be any issue in ds1307 ram count writing if interrupt comes, i am using software i2c only.
Hello, I am using pic18f4550. My program is too long. So eventually my data memory has been reached to 100% usage and my program memory at 13%. So right now, I can't compile my program. So is there any way to use program memory instead of data memory ? Thanks.
I want interface ram with pic18f87k22 for store data, more specifically i want declare variable in the address of external ram. After reading bunch of forum i conclude that i have to interface ram parallel, which is supported by this cpu and use extended mode. (See attachment for clarification) I am not able find specific (...)
I would like to transmit data from a pic18f to another pic18f via an external ram . The ram needs to accomadate data from pic1 and transmit it to pic2 when called for ; if possible simultaneously too . The ram size shall be 1-2 Mb . I have gone through immense application (...)
Hello everyone, did someone try to use Raspbery Pi device to comunicate to pic over RS485. Is this possible and what would be needed to do that? I have a working RS485 network with master and 6 slaves which work just perfect but the problem is ROM and ram space (not enough), so I would like to move with master from pic to another device (...)
Hello every one I successfully made my distance ranger using pic16f877a up to 400cm,,, now i want to store distance variation values in SD CARD using pic18f4550. Here is my distance ranger project: https: My problem is i want to store the returned variable values from Ultrasonic sensor (Echo pin)
Hello everybody! I have a question that in C language there we can use 2D array,but how to solve same problem in pic16F1936 microcontroller assembly a example in C- .I know only assembly and I heard if I use FSR and INDF then I can solve this,but I don't understand how and where to start it. If somebody give me any IDEA it
Hi all, I need to count that how many times the limit switch activated?(O/P of limit switch = 5V) also i want to make it non-volatile. so for this purpose i want to use 89c51 or with pic also no problem. so here my basic query is that how to store that count in MCU's ram for temperory purpose, even i dont want to use more space of (...)
While reading dspic33F/pic24H Family Reference Manual i face following problem. The upper 32 Kbytes of the data space memory map can optionally be mapped into program space at any 16K program word boundary defined by the 8-bit Program Space Visibility Page (PSVPAG) register. The (...)
the s1307 rtc has 56x8 ram. please send sample program for writing and reading in ram. i am using pic ccs complier kindly send sample program are algorithim
i have used a lcd to infce with pic 16f688 . but after a perticular code if add any thing it will effect on lcd and chage there orentation of text. code as give below : // LCD module connections sbit LCD_RS at RC5_bit; sbit LCD_EN at RC2_bit; sbit LCD_D4 at RC1_bit; sbit LCD_D5 at RC0_bit; sbit LCD_D6 at RA2_bit; sbit LCD_D7 at RA
Hi everybody, Could you please tell me which pic that have a big internal memory ( I mean > 10 Mbit for "big")? If there is no pic with such a big memory, then which kind of pic and external memory I should use ? thank you so much
hi frndzzz, i am trying to do some fast data communication project... serial UART of pic not fulfilling my requirement... so it possible i can send data from one controller to other controller using their USB port????? thx