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Hi friends, i'm doing a circuit for communicating 2 pic's in master and slave mode. In this data from port B of master is transmitted in serial to the slave and output the data to port B of slave. but its not working. there is no response. I'm using pic 16f877A, 20MHZ xtal. please help here is the circuit 135046
Hi , i am trying to use serial port of my pic(32MX460512L). I can receive bytes but i can't send them to MyComputer. I use Coolterm as a terminal program. I use example code but i didn't understand why it doesn't work . When i type a character on terminal , i want my pic to send it back. Here my example code : #include #if
I am trying to send serial data output from single pin using pic18f4550 what logic I have to implement if I want to send 01001010 using RB0 pin. My serial port is busy with some other function. I am using serial to parallel connected at RB0 pin of microcontorller I have used timer to generate clock, but not (...)
Hi, I am sending data from a pic16f877 to a Bluetooth module RN42SM and from there to a PC. The way the pic sends the data is continuous transmission of 8 bit words. (see figure) The RN42SM uses the SPP standard and emulates a serial cable. will the data received in the PC via BT be continuous 8 bit words as well, i.e. (...)
Hello friends I am now in pic microcontrollers and CAN modules, I trying to work on the project that uses 2 pic controllers(pic16f877a) i need to transmit and recieve data through zigbee, the transmitter side is having Zigbee, pic microcontroller, dc supply) the reciever side is having(zigbee, 2 CAN modules, (...)
hi I am working on project for interfacing gsm modem with pic.for sending the at commands i used routine for transmission through uart. write_string("AT\r\n") for this I wrote the fun as- void write_string(unsigned char *str) { while(*str!='\0') { TXSTAbits.TXEN=1; TXREG=*str; while(!TXSTA
I have only one LED (on RD7) that is going to light up or down according to the sentence. say for example i have a character in binary bits is 01011 and i use a 1 sec delay the led will light up 1 sec after i press the send button, then of for 1 more sec and then on for two more seconds. Hope this helps - - - Updated - - -
In sleep mode you can't do UART transmission (pic oscillator is in shut down mode). To preserve power, pic MCU should be in sleep mode and to use watch dog timer to generate periodically wake-up events. When pic MCU is active, transmit your sequence via UART and go back to sleep mode.
Hi all, I am interfacing a potentiometer with a USB and cant seem to develop a logic for the code. I need to transmit the digitized data from the ADC of pic18F4550 to the USB. Please help me out. Regards.
Hello all I am currently writing a program for usuart serial transmission. However while reading the datasheet for the specific pic and referring to the notes on mikroBasic help, i am in a confusion. It is as follows: dim received_byte as byte main: Usart_Init(2400) ' Initialize USART module while true (...)
Hi guys, My problem is about 16f877a. I am sending data from computer to the pic via RS232. I checked RS232 output max232 output and the data enter RC7 (receiver pin) they are all correct. But the pic can't receive data correctly. I am using data=getc(); function to get a byte data but how much should I wait after this (optimum value) or shou
Hi, Your code is nearly there - First run your tests at a lower buad rate 2400 or 9600 - much more stable / common - eg your PCs hypertermial is set to 9600 by default Your transmit section should be a subroutine that you Call - not part of your main code. Have a read of this good tutorial, its gives a good insight - the main part is
Not really a new topic, but here goes... I am a beginner tasked with making a master pic communicate with up to 3 slave pics over a single wire using MPLAB assembly. USART/RS232 is ok, but am also open to bit-banging methods. Any pointers on where to begin, including websites with code samples and textbook listings, will be greatly (...)
Hi, If you see page 3 of that chips datasheet it shows all its main functions. ADC is one, but it does not have a hardware Usart for serial transmission, but you could easlily use any i/o pin with a software serial link. You don't have much memory on that pic for storing temp data.
I’m using one LR9122 GPS module for my project. I am using pic16f877 microcontroller to get location information from the GPS module. The pic has been reading data correctly from the module. But when I connected the antenna to the module, it started giving me an error (framing error in serial communication with pic, (...)
Hi all .....iam working on sending serial data from PC to pic to FM transmitter to FM receiver to pic to PC i finished the FM Tx/Rx and now iam stuck in sending the data from PC to pic then from pic to PC can any one help me??? i built the serial circuit and max 232 and stuff but my (...)
hi.. i am facing a problem with wireless transmission of serial data.what i need to do is to interface two pics.i have to send serial data output at uart of one pic to input of another pic using could i do it?
You ca Unse printf in ccs compiler. for examples look for this ebook: programming in c pic microcontroller by nigel gadner
Hi, For clock syncronisation, you could use 'manchester encoding'. There's plenty of info on that on google :D As for implementation, a UART can send manchester encoded data easily, although you'll be halfing your bandwidth, because 1 data byte = two manchester encoded bytes. I blieve thers some code for a pic microcontroller availabe on t
Hi There are different speeds of the A2D based on the selected crystal. Maximum one is Fosc / 8 I think but you should review the data sheet. But this is not the only limitation. The speed of the transmission of the serial data may represent your end of dreams specially that you don't have a FIFO. P.S. you can implement a FIFO using the (...)