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I need to connect both GSM and GPS to pic16F877A.. I'm using mikroC compiler..Anyone help me to acheive the connection.. Please Help me... Please provide mikroC code
Hi.. I am using pic 16F877A Microcontroller and SIM 300 GSM Modem Actually I can send sms using SIM 300, can receive the message location and displayed that on lcd. Everything works on hyperterminal. But in hardware i couldn't receive the message from the modem.I couldn't find the problem..
Hi there.. I have made my C programming code on MikroC which is able to communicate between Modem and Microcontroller pic16f877a. It is successfully sending AT commands to modem and modem responds ok which is indicated by LED lights connected. I need some assistance on how I will program it to receive an sms and control respective LEDs. IF we rece
pic : pic18F4520 picPLC16v6 Development Board from Mikroelectronika GSM Modem : Quectel M95 Can receive sms by Hyperterminal +CMTI: "SM",28 telling New sms arrived, index in SIM Memory 28 AT+CMGR=28 AT command to Read sms whose index is 28 +CMGR: "REC (...)
//Project: GSM Modem Lesson //Programmer: Shahrulnizam Mat Rejab //pic: pic16F877A, pic16F887, pic18F4550 //Crystal Frequency: 20MHz //Compiler: HI-TECH C for pic10/12/16 V9.83, pic18 V9.65 //Last Modified: 8 August 2012 //Website: #define uart #define (...)
I did't get your flow. You want send sms to activate relay or use PC to activate relay? For controlling by GSM, use GSM Modem and interface using uart throught hardware MAX232. GSM Code. For controlling by PC, use USB converter either USB-to-RS232 (then you need MAX232) or USB-to-uart. One way is
hey guys, i have connected the gprs modem to pc and typed some commands in hyperterminal and i was able to get the sms but now i want this to be done by a microcontroller and gprs without pc.... plz help
you can use any pic with uart. You need and GSM modem.. and you have to send sms using AT commands.... after buying gsm modem open Hyper terminal from accessories-->communications configure it on ur com port with 9600bps type AT you should OK as response that means connections and modem are ok AT+CMGF=1 t
hi Iam working on project connect nokia to mc i connected tx from nokia to rx from uart and rx --- tx gnd---gnd boudrate 115200 and but when supply the circute the lcd of mobile just blink I write the code with at command bode of the code : char sms="ATDT=\"Xxxxxxx\";"; while (1) { pots(ATDT); delay_ms(100); } so plz help :?::?::?::!
Start with a pic with a hardware uart.
simple really... you use a pic that actually have an USART like pic16F628A.
i am using pic 16f84A interfaced with cell phone i want to send sms and control my devices.can i use text mode of sms rather than pdu format?serial communication between pic and cell phone can be implemented by software uart?
The 16F84 does not have a uart so you will have to send and receive serial data in software. Do you mean that I can't send the sms directly to the mobile phone.??? Thanks for help You can do uart communication using 16F84. You will have to use bitbanging technique and 16F84 running a