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it is possible to control industrial ac servo motor(with drive) using pic microcontroller, servo drive accepts step and direction signals
Hi all, I'm trying to interface my pic with a stepper motor (step angle=0.1125(half step) <--that's how thy write it on the datasheet; rpm ranging form 20rpm to 150rpm). But, my problem is that I cant seems to control the speed of the motor. i've tried using both full step (...)
You shouldn't disregard the pic datasheet any longer. It's describing the purpose of each USB related pin rather detailed. As a first step, you should become clear about intended device operation, USB-powered or self-powered. VBUS pin will be needed for attachment detection in a self-powered application.
sir iwant c sourse code for driving 48 step bipolar stepper motor using pic & L298 with out using L297
hi eveyone ,who use the PCWH cmpiler ?and pls offer some good net about PCWH ,i use it ,but....... i want to design a project which control four step motor using one pic16f877a .i use the PCWH compiler .
first u need to know how stepper motor can be interfaced with microcontroller pic or any. there r different kinds of stepper motor available. what kind do u have? 5wire, 6wire and u must also know the step angle. after that u need to give pulses to the motor either in (...)
Hi everyone, im currently working on stepper motor, im using UCN5804 as my stepper motor driver, then i connect pic 16f877A as my indexer to run the motor. i have wrote a C program for pic which im not sure correct or no, im really new with C. Here is the coding i wrote (...)
Dear all I am the new one of using pic. Now I want to make the stepper motor control ciruict using pic 16F84a and transistor to drive the stepper motor... I want to control the speed and the direction of the motor...Would anyone like to show me or give me the circuit (...)
Which will be the difference if you'll send an ASCII command directly to the pic serial port, telling your motor to stop and reverse ? Of course every step or group of steps movement must be programmed either. If you need intterupts from COM port, the output signals available are DTR or RTS.
Use pic16F84a if needed, go to to download the datasheet for it
Please everybody know reply me.I want to control stepper motor with pic . So, I want to know Sankyo stepper motor .Serial number MSJC200P01, 1.8 DEC/step, 35ohm/PHASE
i need to contorle this type of stepper motor with a pic18458 device in C i dont know were to begin, i really need help from u guys :cry: thank yoouuu soo much in advance guys