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With simple input, the direction, the speed and the number of steps etc can be setup by user and stepper motor will run that way. As off now , I program pic with MPLAB +CCS C Compiler . Thank you.
for forward and reverse stepper control, should i go for a dedicated chip like 6600 or can i manage with a pic micro, i want to use in cnc using mach3
You can use ULN2803 as interface or use stepper motor driver.
Hi all, i meet a problem to control the driver L9935 to control a stepper motor, can you help me please ? Describe of the problem: On my board there is a pic18F4550. I use the Microchip USB framework to make communication PC-pic18. I send a request from the PC to the pic for pilot the (...)
I'm working on a stepper motor driver, most of the control will be handled by a pic most likely a 16f887. I want to simplify control of the H-bridge switches to use fewer pins and make programming easier for the pic so I came up with the circuit below. The H-bridge needs only a few signals, direction, decay mode(fast / (...)
Hi, If you use the uln2003 as the driver then the pic has to create and control all the pulses, whereas the L297 does that for you. As Ckshivaram says the size of the motor affects what output chip you have to use. The Unl2003 is capable of 500ma per output pin. The L297 is designed to be used with the L298 driver chip which can take (...)
sir i want c sourse code and circuit diagram for bipolar stepper moter using pic 16f84 or 16f72 and using L298 for drive i have 48 steps moter thanks chanakya
Hi all, i am new for this field ( 3 axis pcb Routers) so i need 3 axis controling program for our new pcb router with any ATMEL Or Microchip ( 89c52 or pic 16f xxx) Please Help me......................plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
first u need to know how stepper motor can be interfaced with microcontroller pic or any. there r different kinds of stepper motor available. what kind do u have? 5wire, 6wire and u must also know the step angle. after that u need to give pulses to the motor either in full step mode or half step mode. u can get this info easily by (...)
Hey, Try the picStep project, see Works very well !! Peter.
Hi everyone, im currently working on stepper motor, im using UCN5804 as my stepper motor driver, then i connect pic 16f877A as my indexer to run the motor. i have wrote a C program for pic which im not sure correct or no, im really new with C. Here is the coding i wrote for pic, and i (...)
hey, I'm currently using the SLA7062M unipolar stepper motor driver/translator . I' would like to ask as about that, how can i control this chip with microcontroler-pic. I use the pic16F876 and i've clock frequency 10MHz for timing. So, the instruction word is tc= 0,4 μsec. More over, i saw the (...)
Hi ! Can someone give me the link where i can find schematics for connecting stepper motor on pic 12F675 ( or some other microchip MCU ) ? Thank you. Max
The UCN5804B is not made for 3 years now. Very expensive from the brokers that still have stock. Ten times the old price. Use a ULN2003 or ULN2803 with a pic and do the sequence in the pic. A 2803 is 50 times less cost than a 5804.
A preview: Have 6 unipolar PM 4-phase stepper motor, how can I drive them?! I will use a micro (as a pic or so). I have thought use 4 chips 1:8 DeMux to send them the 4bits signal (see Image 1) or use 3 1:8 DeMux to send a 3Bits signal to the driver (Enable, clock signal and direction) This option may not be able becouse use 6 (...)
@Maverickmax why dont u use just l297+l298 combination with a pic for precision control? its datasheet has the info u like
I'm looking for a pic 16f877a stepper driver schematic and any code i can find. The plan is to have a pic run a 3 axis cnc router table with input from the serial port of a desktop computer. I have already gone through the piclist. Using max232a and a pic16f877a and a series of (...)
i built one (max. 2A) with IC's L297A and L298 from SGS-Thomson and the pic 16C56 good luck.