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Hi all, Recently I am learning on how to control a stepper motor. The circuit working condition is as below: pic 16F628a --> ULN 2003 --> 28BYJ-48 stepper My code is as below: void main() { CMCON = 0x07; // To turn off comparators TRISB = 0; // PORT B as output port PORTB = 0x0F; do { PORTB (...)
Hi, Assume you have a stepper motor located at the center of a squarred room. Assume you have 4 nodes located at the 4 corners of The squarred room. Using pic Basic Simulator IDE 18, with a pic18f4520 controller, how to control the stepper motor (via StepCw & StepCcw) to make the (...)
Hi all, I'm trying to interface my pic with a stepper motor (step angle=0.1125(half step) <--that's how thy write it on the datasheet; rpm ranging form 20rpm to 150rpm). But, my problem is that I cant seems to control the speed of the motor. i've tried using both full step and half step, in the case of half step, the (...)
With simple input, the direction, the speed and the number of steps etc can be setup by user and stepper motor will run that way. As off now , I program pic with MPLAB +CCS C Compiler . Thank you.
1) i am trying to connect my stepper motor to pic but i dont know the polarity of that.its 6 wires above 3 wires-black ,red ,brown below 3 wires-orange red yellow., does this means anything .. the vendor is NMB from thailand. its model no-PM42S -048-ZTH8 hi, basically the stepper motor (...)
You shouldn't disregard the pic datasheet any longer. It's describing the purpose of each USB related pin rather detailed. As a first step, you should become clear about intended device operation, USB-powered or self-powered. VBUS pin will be needed for attachment detection in a self-powered application.
I am using pic16F877A with a 16MHz crystal. MPLAB v8.4 HiTech C compiler I have written the following code (Hope it is self-explanatory) /* This program does the following: Ext int : Start Running the motor Port b int : Stop running the motor Author : RKG Date: 18/03/13 */
Hi...i'm new with pic16f877a.i need to design the code by using MPLAB IDE schematic will put 2 push button switch.first switch if we press dc motor will run anticlockwise about 360 deg or depend on delay..then when we press switch 2 it will run anticlockwise about 720 deg or87610 depend on delay.i'm beginner in this
I've written a code in MPlab, the compiler im making use is C18 and i want it to do as follows.. Once we started the process, TIMER in pic 18F4550 and also Ultrasonic sensor(HC-SR04) must be triggered. If obstacle is detected by the sensor,the present value of the timer have to be taken for calculating distance between obstacle and the model by fo
Hello, I was thinking about driving my old CDROM/HDD Brushles motor which is having 4 connections... ? does it works the same way as stepper motor programming? with very fast switching ? or something else programming required ? Please guide me....
Dear friend, Im new in microelectronics and need some help or recommendation to design stepper motoro pulse controller. In attachment can see some graphics design which type pulses I need. In pic. Version_1.png its like Pentagon stepper motor (unipolar) Drivers Designs. obr
Without giving logic on input Unless otherwise specified, logic has only has 2 valid states, high or low. "without" is not a logic level usually. Are you inputs tied high, low, or high impedance (which could happen if you've forgotten to configure the pic pins as outputs). They may be floating high. You need to connect your inp
I am controlling a stepper motor using pic18F452 using C18 compiler of MPLAB and the code is as follows... /** V A R I A B L E S *************************************************/ #include "p18f452.h" #include "delays.h" #pragma udata // declare statically allocated uninitialized variables unsigned char LED_Number; // 8-bit varia
You can use ULN2803 as interface or use stepper motor driver.
Hi all, i meet a problem to control the driver L9935 to control a stepper motor, can you help me please ? Describe of the problem: On my board there is a pic18F4550. I use the Microchip USB framework to make communication PC-pic18. I send a request from the PC to the pic for pilot the (...)
I'm working on a stepper motor driver, most of the control will be handled by a pic most likely a 16f887. I want to simplify control of the H-bridge switches to use fewer pins and make programming easier for the pic so I came up with the circuit below. The H-bridge needs only a few signals, direction, decay mode(fast / (...)
What model pic are you using in your design? If you look in the appropriate device header file, e.g. pic16f877a.h, you will see the correct configuration mask definitions for use with _CONFIG(): #ifndef _HTC_H_ #warning Header file pic16f877a.h included directly. Use #include instead. #endif /* header file for the MICROCH
Hello Dear All, I have a unipolar 5V stepper motor and I want to drive it with a 16f877a. I have connected 2 pieces of tc4427 mosfet drivers and 4 pieces of IRF2807 to the pic and, as I see they are working properly. I supply 50V to the motor and I am trying to use microstepping techniques. Because the (...)
I want to control a stepper motor through pic. stepper motor is in bipolar mode. What should be the minimum pulse width(ON time and OFF time or frequency and dutycycle) needed for control..I couldn't find any details regarding this on the stepper motor datasheet. Thanks (...)
Check this stepper motor interfacing with Microcontrollers tutorial: Connecting stepper motor : 8051 Microcontroller Projects AVR pic Projects Tutorials Ebooks Libraries codes Alex

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