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yes i searched in google and studied PT100 datasheet also.... In that they mentioned to output from PT100 is too low so have to amplify the signal and then apply to A/D of pic controller... Did you change the thread topic? I thought you are asking about TC544 temperature controller? All you need to do is (...)
Hello I made a development board using pic18f85j11. It works fine as i check the port by glowing LED connected in sink pattern. I connected all the LED on H port.According to thuMb rule its code should be void main () { ADCON1=0XFF; \\ analog converted into digital TRISH = 0X00; DELAY(50); while(1) { LATH = 0X00; DELAY(
Hi I'm trying to read the temperature data from a sensor MCP9808 with a pic12F683 through the i2c bus and then store it into the pic internal eeprom, working with mplab and XC8 C compiler. From the MCP9808 datasheet, these are the steps: i2c_start(); // send START command i2c_write (AddressByte & 0xFE); //WRITE Command (see Section 4.1
That's definitely a poor and probably useless temperature control circuit. The tiny processor solution (could be also a small pic of course) would achieve lowest overall part count, but unfortunately require programming.
Hello... I made temperature sensor using pic16f877a. NOW i want to send this reading using sms... i want when i send for example "temperature" to the phone connected to the pic it responds to me as message "temperature is: 20" i mean sms communication and i guess it is done by fbus and AT commands, my (...)
I'm working on a humidity controller which also controls the temperature inside a chamber.I'm done with the hardware (though i'm not the one behind the design)and which was originally designed with a 12 bit external ADC and an 89s52 uc and I replaced both with pic 16F877A uc and I use the 10 bit internal ADC. Other hardware details are (I (...)
pic ,atmel or any low bit controller
pic RC oscillator accuracy is often sufficient for UARToperation (depends on the temperature range and pic type). I don't see a reason why it shouldn't work for SPI and I2C.
hello every one i write a home automation program using pic micro controller and sensors and actions perform by pic and sensors perform correctly and sending to hyper terminal.. like "temperature value Is" "light on" "doors open" now i want to send all these messages to C# based application using serial communication (...)
I want to control bldc motors of 36vdc with pic controller board, which has in built hall effect sensor, temperature sensor and Potentiometer. Motor may need to run at 9Amps. I know C# 4.0 and C, and some Matlab. I have started learning Basic electronics. I have seen features of dspicDEM MCLV Development Board of (...)
Hi everyone I need a precise temperature controller with pic and send the reading through SMS using a USB dongle. I prefered Huawei Technology E153U. Thanks
Why not change pic16F84A to pic that have ADC Module. Not costly. This example read LM35.
Dear all i am designing a PID based temperature controller using pic 18f4550 . What does RAMP and SOAK mean in this? If a person asks me does your PID have ramp and soak adjustable what does he mean? Googled many options but no explanation was to be found. Please help me. With best regards Garg
This is example pic code with LM35.
Serial Interface of computer with microcontroller 8051 and pic is expalaned here on following links. Serail interface by using pic16f877a microcntroller with computer (PC) see here
hello,while programming the hex file on pic16f877a IC using pic kit2 what should be the configuration word be given
have a look at some sample projects Microcontrollers Project Examples
It's known that Olimex kits are the best price/features - OLIMEX Ltd. - Electronic Design and PCB sub-contract assembly OEM/ODM service You can get some pic kit and start immediately testing the code
My project is wireless sensor node for monitoring indoor air quality. The sensor that i used are humidity and temperature sensor.. I have a pic16F877-20/P. This pic act as micro controller for my project. I want design a project of "wireless sensor node" =hardware of the sensor node. i design for the 3 node of the hardware. (...)
I am facing a problem while converting the received temperature count into its equivalent temperature. I have used LM35 as temp sensor and pic18F4520 as controller. The logic goes as... temperature = LM35Value * 0.48; Now, I have declared temperature as unsigned int. So, the (...)