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hi, I guess you know that a 4mHz pic clock will be internally divided by 4 to give 1mHz, which is a 1uSec Period. So a 16bit Timer will roll over, giving an interrupt every 0.065536 Seconds. Preload the Timer with 0x3cB0 to give a 'close' 50mSec. Consider the additional time required to execute the supporting program code. E
need to turn timer1 on pic16F877A after pressed a switch 1 and then turn it off when pressed switch 2, then displaying the period of the time on LCD. Plz help me is urgent... I attached proteus simulation picture..
Hi All, I'm going to use pic16f676 in my new project. I want small conformation on timer. Is it possible to generate 20 minuts of dalay suing pic16F676 IC. If yes plz provide me the sample code for this. Thanks, Manjunath
A would like to generate interrupts every 250ms with timer1, but I get interrupts with more than 1 sec using the code below (I am writing it in MikroC PRO for pic). I set frequency to 8MHz with internal oscillator. What is the problem? Thank you for helping. void Inittimer1(){ T1CON = 0x31; TMR1IF_bit = 0; TMR1H = 0x0B;
hi, im using 16f1827 pic, and im trying to create an isr with 1 second cycle, i have 4mhz clock, can this be achieved readily with either timer 0 (8 bit) or timer1(16 bit) using prescalers, from what i have worked out so far longest delay i can get is 524ms? is this correct, ? how to fix? (change clock to 1mhz?) sb -
pl enplane here in simple word differences between Timers with pic mcu ,like Timer0 ,timer1 & Timer2 etc
Hi guys! firstly thank you everyone for this excellent forum and for the help i'll receive even before i get it! i'm a newbie in coding Assambly, i have a really terrible teacher and most of the time we students need to figure it out by ourselves.. not fair at all... anyway... i need to create a code for counter delay of 99mS and i have no id
guys i really need help my project is to make a frequency counter (frequency meter) can cout frequency up to 5Mhz using TMR1 or TMR0 i am lookig since 2 weeks in every where but still cant understand cause every body explain it different way than the other ,,,, i just need to know the maximum frequency i can count using both timers and whatt is the
Hello friends, Here is my small project..Measuring frequency with pic CCP capture module. It Has good resolution and give result as 00.00Hz Range is : 15Hz to 120Hz ...I used it for measuring 50Hz line frequency. compiler : MikroC Pro for pic V6.0 Xtal : 16 MHz timer1 prescaler : 1:8 LCD : 20x 4 RC2 pin is input for capturing.
have a look at this pic16 timer tutorial
sorry,I'm not familiar with pic suggestion is you can write a little short program for testing ISR function only.when it pass,then add other functions.
Hi all, i am new in pic for 16f877a, can anyone have any example on how to have a timer triggering in this pic. I want to make a system which will check value of Current, and then attach loads according to requirement. There are three loads, when current increases from 10A, one of the load turns off. I need a progra
Dear All My attached picture for pic 16f877a seven segment display clock using timer1 external clock Oscillator mode is enable correctly and my actual hardware is working but Proteus does not working Please advice, Am I connected correctly watch Crystal to T1OS0 and T1OS1 pins when I select the internal clock source
i need to turn timer1 on that on pic 16F877A for a time and then turn it off, then displaying the period of the time on LCD my circuit on protues: 91059 can anyone help me in coding this !!! i'm using Mikroc language
help plz!! how can i use TMR1L register on timer 1 in pic 16f877a using MickroC language,, i need to know how to get value of it and i need to convert it to micro second !!!!
While the pic does contain a hardware PWM module, you can not use it to generate PWM signals at frequencies as low as 50 Hz. You can use the pic timer1 and the compare module for PWM. You can also make use of the interrupt.
Hello, I am using pic16F1937. For the software platform MPLAB and Hi-Tech Compiler for C programming. I need to Display the real time clock with alarm settings on 8*8 LED Dot matrix display(DE-DP10XV110 ). Can any one explain me the how to code for clock in C as well as the interfacing with 8*8 LED Dot matrix display? I am ver
Hi, Have not used that chip, done my own RTC using timer1 instead. Have a look at Maxims pic example are lots of tips in the forum, just search on 'ds1307' Some other sites using assembler -
hi, i want to start the timer when a pin high and stop the timer when another pin high and display the count in lcd for that i written a c program in hi-tech c compiler . first i didnt know how to convert hex value to decimal . my program my simulation as follow 70644 in program display function i wrote to display the hex va
Bit 6 in T1CON, T1RUN, is a read-only status bit. You can't write to it. ---------- Post added at 23:41 ---------- Previous post was at 23:32 ---------- Further... T1RUN is set only when the pic is using the timer1 Oscillator (external 32.76KHz source) as the whole system clock, in some sort of po