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hi frndzzz, i am trying to do some fast data communication project... serial uart of pic not fulfilling my requirement... so it possible i can send data from one controller to other controller using their USB port????? thx
By microcontroller's uart communication like this tutorial pic microcontroller serial communication tutorial
In pic adc is inbuilt.. so connect LM35 to ADC pin and zigbee to serial uart
I'm not sure what they mean. Do one thing. Close the simulation window. Redraw the schematic and reload the program into the pic program field. Try it again. Make sure you've used the right microcontroller in the simulation and in mikroC. Hope this helps. Tahmid.
You don't say if you are using the pic24F or pic24H series or what language you are using, but here's some 'C' code to get you started. This code is for the pic24F24FJ64GA002. You'll have to change the header file to match your processor. #include // This is the header file for the uP you are using #define O
Oh, I think this is easy to communicate 2 pic 16f84A. I remember that 16f84a has uart module, which use for communicate serial (like RS232). You do not need a MAX232 because you don't need to change the voltage (remember PC RS232 volatge logic is from -25V to 25V). So, that's all. If Im wrong and 16f84a hasn't a uart module, you will need (...)
Well which mcu's are you using? If pic's try to look at If i were you i prefer i2c. Analyzer.