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HI guys, in the description of the seems confusing the way they describe it and the A0 to A5, apparently A1 to A
in pic18f4520 i am using 10 io for input and 10 io for output, my doubt is can i use pull up resistor(10k) for both input and output regards kalyan
Hi, I've need to write a program for pic 16f54 but is not listed in devices list in Mikroc pro for pic. I want to know can I add MCUin list Or write program for another compatible MCU and then run in pic16F54 will it work?? Thanks.
Hello, We are using your SFH6732 model Vishays optocoupler. We applied 5V to its VCC and 24V 6.2ma to its input. When i measure its output i see 3.8V. In order to make a pic's input pin high, voltae should be at least 4V. Can i do anything in order to get at least 4V from optocouplers output except increase Vcc. Can i use pull-ups? T
Maybe you need to set registers related to oscillator properly in pic18F devices. In mikroC it does all those things but in C18 you have to set it. Code fixed. Try to print rtc values to usart. Better use 10 MHz so that spbrg value for uart can be used from datasheet. Edit: Your Time transformation routine is wrong for DD:MM:YY
I cannot manage to get the info I need from the DS1302 datasheet ?? Not so clear for novices> I use the driver included in PCW pic C to work my RTC. 32,768mhz x-tal no pull ups & no caps on X-tal DS1302.c from driver library I can read the sec & min, correctly, BUT nothing of the other VARs from the DS1302 is correct. To co
I am planning to do a pic Micro based sine wave ups.(Not dspic) I believe I can write the code, but I lack knowledge about some parameters. Will be helpful if somebody who has experience in this can share them. 1. Considering the speed and capabilities of pic16, how many sine wave look up values are optimum? I think all (...)
I'm using a tiny RTC module to get time and I want to make the micro controller sleep when not in use. With SDA and SCK of tiny RTC disconnected from 16F876A I get a sleep current of 0.25mA. Pull ups are 10K. With SDA and SCK connected I get a sleep Current of 1.7mA. Pull ups are 10K. If I change pull ups to 470K Sleep current is 0.25mA. (...)
i have two input source to pic A.C and D.C if A.C failing then the d.c start supplying current from battery how to make this possible using pwm switch over?(a.c am reducing using a voltage divider then converting to d.c)
Hi everyone, I am very much new in this forum. But this is well known to me for years before. I am beginner in pic micro and Assembly programming. Can anybody help me by providing a sample ups program. Your kind response will be highly appreciated. regards
Hello, Since you have 9 pins on SD card you don't use microSD card. If you use this than you done job good. Dont forget to put some filter capacitors. You don't need any pull-ups.
Hi, Have a control panel full of switches feeding a 18f via 10k pull ups close to the chip. The cables are around 300 to 400mm long and screened where possible, but am getting odd false activation of the outputs. ( if the inputs are left disconnect from the control panel, no false activations are given) Have seen these DSS 310 series inpu
I am only wants to used ULN2003 To give 12V dc 1 amp. Power supply to some device for afew second. I am using pic18F4550 to ON -OFF to give switching to that system . I already give 5 V to pic Controller and also 12 V DC & 2 amp to pin 8th pin is already to GND. But onlty 600mv is at o/p when i give them high pulse to pin 1 of ULN2003
You could put pull ups on the transistor bases so by default they are off. (If you haven't done already) The micro's outputs should not drive low if the pic fails to start. They are configured as inputs on reset, so should be pulled high by the pull ups.
Hi Have an operational circuit that has the odd Freeze up, in this instance when a relay switches off (which should be curable with suppression) The term Freeze up generally meaning the visual display stops as do all other program functions. While I know the Watchdogs timer will reset when the program code gets stuck in a loop, its been s
Dear all, I need pic16F72 Based Home ups design (Square/Sine). Software MIKRO C/MPLab Hi-Tech or any C based, PCBA. Any friends help me regarding
i'm doing a project on offline ups and having some problems with interfacing (to) Microcontroller and abit confused with the choice inbetween ARC/pic/Freescale... Microcontrollers. What kind interfacing problem you are facing? All mentioned microcontroller are usefull, micro selection
Hello I need a SINE WAVE ups DESIGN ....SCHEMATIC , PCB DESIGN ........, and should be based on MicroController pic any ! I'll pay for that ......i need this design and all the system with in 45 days ! If any one can do me for the further details ! Thanks Best Regards Hasan Farooq
Laptop charger voltage is around 19.5v. You have to drop it to 5v to operate pic.
hai iam new to sd card function with pic. iam using pic32mx795f512l connected to explorer16 board. i got example code. but in that i need to buy pictail for sd board. whether i can access the sd card without sd pictail board by connecting directly the pins of sd card to explorer16? whether i need any pull up resistors for (...)