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here with a problem with pic18f4550.the output voltage is said to be 5v.but instead o get just 2.5v .i tried by disconnecting the load.even then its just 2.5v .what could be the problem...?and what could be the solution..?
The most common reason for the pic ADC fluctuating is that the voltage reference has been tied to the supply rail and you have noise on the supply rail. A large capacitor on the decoupled VREF should cure. Another cause could be that the input voltage is at to high an impedance (should be less than 10K or that the input voltage is noisy.
Dear Friends, I am working on pic16F877 project. I am using ADC and taking the signal from sensor and giving it to analog pin. I am preparing the circuit in which I am considering the four point given below. 1. When sensor is short, at that time I am getting 0mV and I can declare that Sensor is fail in program. 2. When sensor is open, at
the voltmeter problem is solved,now I have trouble with making such a timer that gives the system ON time such as any machine is turned on the machine gives signal to mcu based circuit and this circuit begins to note the the time at last it displays it on hyperterminal the whole time hour,min,second the machine worked in, I am using pic18F microcon
Hi, I've created a circuit board with pic32mx250 and I'm powering the it through the programmer (pickit 3). For the test, I've included a LED on one of the digital pins. Problem is, that it won't completely "turn off" and go to 0V but it has some voltage drop if it's in 0 state, so it's shinning a little but it's ok in state 1 (it's shinning in fu
Hi Guyz, i am not understanding why my voltage on lcd is not constant..they are fluctuating within 0.7V range..when i measure e.g, 9V battery voltage,it shows 8.3 and then 9V and again and again...the same case with ammeter but now the range is 0.3A....There is also a problem with the voltmeter that when my terminals are floating,it shows 2.8V but
Dear Sir, I have used ADC in pic16F877 with hi-tech C compiler. I am measuring pressure in field through pressure transmitter giving 0-100mV. I am getting constant mV from pressure transmitter but when I am giving it to my controller, its fluctuate lots. My ADC resolution is 4.88 mV (analog input range 0-5V). How can I solve my problem???
Dear All Friends, I am working on pic16F877 for ADC. I am giving analog input 0-5V to pin AN0 by 0-5 volt pots. Suppose, I am giving 2.5 V by pots on AN0. Now I am measuring the voltage at pin AN0 so I am getting apporx. 2.5V. But when I run the program by MPLAB, at that time I am getting approx 4.97 V at pin AN0. Why this happen??? I c
I am using pic16f877a and i want to convert the 0 to 100v AC to some proportional DC of 0 to 5V range. Can anybody help me in this conversion circuit. ????
And the Mother-of-All is this
I'm using pic C Compiler
Give me 1 day time and I will give you the code. Mention which pic/AVR/8051 MCU you want to use and what clock frequency you use?
Hi all, I need a voltimeter to read a 0-150BAR or 0-250BAR to 0-10Vcc pressure sensor. Was thinking to use an AVR or pic 0-10V digital voltmeter with expanded end of scale, lets say 0V is 0BAR and 10V is 150BAR or 250BAR, I mean, when the microprocessor reads 10V instead of display 10 it will display 150 or 250 adjustable with a single pole two
87985 Hi all, i am doing the same project DC motor with pic16f877A + L293D and draw the circuit in proteus. * Already change D4-D5 to LED. My problems are : 1- why, when i push one button the LED will off, but the rest of LED will blinking? 2- Why the motor did not run? Can someone check my circuit and my code. He
Hi, I am trying to make a precise voltmeter(upto 1mV) using a 16bit ADC [ ADS7825 : and a pic micro. Which I will calibrate with an bench multimeter in my lab. I have interfaced the ADC in parallel mode. And I am getting the output almost as desired.. I have made the circuit on the breadboard, an
I need to measure 2 220vp/50Hz AC voltages (in an ATS project). I chosen pic16F877A as the MCU. my problem is to measure the 220vAC signal. I made a circuit to convert voltages as follows: +230v -> 5v 0v -> 2.5v -230v -> 0v but now how can I feed it to the MCU the proper way? I can get the ADC but I need to measure the voltage so
The fluctuating could be casued by noise in circuit, Try placing a 10uF cap on the input of the pin your measuring (RA0) of the micro. I've always place the crystal on the outside never seen mounted like picutre not sure what effect this would have but I would say it's more noise related
Use a sensor chip that outputs a voltage that represents the temperature, so that the output voltage to the pic changes with temperature. Adjust the voltmeter code to read the sensor. Eg. If you use LM35, the output is 10mV per degree Celsius. So, if you have 74'C, the output is 0.74V. Adjust your code so that when the input is 0.74V, the (...)
I have made a digital voltmeter you can use as voltmeter part, as ammeter part use a piece of cable (you must know the resistance per meter) or a high powered low valued resistor (shunt resistor - generally aluminium shield resistor). The microcontroller is pic16f877a and 1602B lcd screen, and codes in pic ccs c complier.
sir i need pic based voltmeter complete technology range 0 t0o 400v ac 50hz