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I powered it from 1st MCLR pin, put 8mhz oscillator with capacitors into 13th and 14th pin, connected led to 19th pin and led is not blinking. ??? MCLR/vpp is not the power pin. Must supply VDD pins 11 and 32. Please show your complete circuit. To simplify the test setup, you can run the pic from internal oscillator. One
Easyrider83 is correct, even if the answer isn't what you wanted to hear :smile: That pin is an input only, you can't use it to control anything outside the pic. Brian.
The document DS31028A page28-4 Figure 28-1 contains a diagram for connections of a "typical ICSP application circuit". It shows how ICSP is to be connected to a pic. It shows connections for MCLRn/vpp, VDD, VSS, RB6 and RB7. I have the following questions: (1) How are
Hey guys This is pic Programmer Schematic: 122972 The vpp here is sourced directly from pic pin, is it okay? Shouldn't it be sourced from 5V+ rail? Also, can I put some other PNP/NPN transistors in the place of those (BF959 and BC328) if I don't have them? Thanks in advance
I recently discovered - by looking at some of the files in the MPLAB IDE Device folder (see Program Files (x86)\Microchip\MPLAB IDE\Device) - that the nominal programming voltage (vpp) is not always 13 Volt. Some examples (taken from the respective .dev files) are shown below - note that the pics 16F684 & 16F917 are 11 Volt nominal with a maximum
How to use a pickit to program a pic and if there is aother solution to make it i want to know please :?: :?::?: :?:
I built a pickit 2 clone referring the site i got problem that vpp error voltage I checked the whole board but not able to resolve this, I am getting 4V in vpp Using troubleshoot in PC i found one thing, when I keep voltmeter across pin25 (vpp_TGT_P)
In the second step of the pickit troubleshooting you try to verify the vpp , however I get this error messages "short or very heavy load on vpp was detected"
Hi all, I know ICD2 is obsolete and we can buy ICD3 at less than $200 now. BTW, I needed to debug my code on 16F1827 and most of parts were on hand, I had decided to build a ICD2 clone and a 8.5V vpp limitter. (poyoto rev.B?, using transistors) It took a few days from etching PCB to soldering, now it works fine with old pics like 16F877A. (erase
hi everyone! i hope u can help me with this problem, im nuts about it! recently i've been trying to program a 16f877a pic, but without success, each time i verify, blank checking or program it shows me that some memory regions failed to verify/program/etc, when i read it the configuration word changes and i have to set it back to the configuration
Is it a true pickit2 or a clone? Either way, try setting the 'Use vpp first program entry' under 'Tools' in the pickit software. Regards, Anand
oops ! programmed pic RB6 and RB7 pins as outputs and now I can't program the pic any more. Anyway, that is the way it seems. It seemed like I was able to program with the picKIT 3 even after this but the program never seemed to run right. Now the picKIT3 won't even recognize the DEVICE ID. Dan
You'll want to review the dedicated Flash Microcontroller Programming Specification at A typical vpp specifcation is VDD+4.0...12.5 V.
can i use MCLR/vpp/RE3 pin of pic18f4550 pic microcontroller for multifunction..can i use this pin as I/O though i have used this pin for icsp connector at same time????
Hi Guys, I have generated some PWM from pic microcontroller using my input data. Now i want to know how to reduce the peak to peak output voltage of the PWM, presently it is coming very high around 600mv but i want this value around some 100mv. so can anybody help me in this regard. hridz
are you sure that you set 12V in vpp when VDD is 0V?? and after that you set VDD to 5V??? (without lowering vpp) if so, yes your pic just has been burned. better to watch out next time....
I used MCLR pin as a general Input to monitor the status of a swich but when a touch is given to that pin by using screw driver, pic resets. I could eliminate this issue after connecting a 0.1microF cap to ground and input pin. This modification was not required when I used an another pin as an input. Can some one explain the real cause fo
hello, This circuit is from a pic programmer. The vppON and vpp1ON are connected to the LPT port. I think the transistors operate as switches here, without being very sure. Could I replace the transistors with 2N2907 and 2N2222 without any other changes to the circuit? I am worrying a bit about the resulting vpp and (...)
i am using an ICD2 clone. it has 5 pins for programming PGC, PGD, GND, +5v, and vpp. i don't know what specific pins to connect to the pic that i am using, (pic10f200t). also, what does PGC and PGD stand for? these are the two pins i am confused of. regards, drew.
you can use pickit2 for programming most flash pic processors , just connect pins DATA,CLOCK, VDD, GND,vpp from Microcontroller to pickit2