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I think you may be confusing the wdt with a normal timer or timing routine. The wdt is a hardware timer with it's own clock that (if enabled) forces the pic to reset rather like you had powered it off and on again. It can't be used as a method of creating a delay because there is no way of resuming when time is up, it always goes back to (...)
In this document it is mentioned that if pic18F4550 has 20 MHz external crystal then internal clock will be 48 MHz. How to calculate internal clock frequency for pic ? I want to know because I want to write Delay_us and Delay_ms functions for C18 code.
Hi.. I am trying to interface DS1307 with pic. I am trying to do that in Proteus first and then planning to implement in hardware. In my proteus model, RTC is working fine for 130 seconds exactly. After that, RTC is resetting to the time I set. Can anyone here pls throw some light on this weird problem.? I will be grateful if you can help in
I am using pic18F45K22 with 4 MHz external resonator. I am testing the project in both Proteus and hardware (Easypic 7). The code is mikroC PRO pic code. Please see attached image. It shows my wdt configuration and the piece of code which is resetting wdt every 6 to 7 seconds. The code of (...)
hello i have a problem i have : pic16F877A 7seg Display i have a problem :'( a random seg display very very very quickly ( pic = 500Hz ) ----> my code : // Afficheur 7 segments\\ // Thomas Lounis \\ // 1 ere S3 \\ // 10/04/2014 \\ // v 1.0 \\
Everything seems right in your code. Some time ago i also made the same project using same method, but i wrote different code. I used pic18F248 Here is the code i used. Reciever #include # pragma config OSC = HS, OSCS = OFF # pragma config wdt = OFF # pragma config BORV = 45, PWRT = ON, BOR = ON # pragma config DEB
hello i am trying to configure wdt in pic for 16msec but after so efforts i am unable to get reset. #include"p18f4520e.h" #pragma config OSC = INTIO67 // INTERNAL OSCILLATOR IS ON #pragma config DEBUG = OFF // DEBUGGER IS OFF #pragma config wdt = ON // WATCH DOG TIMER IS OFF #pragma config LVP = OFF
I Understood two "Org" address which are "org 0x00 and "org 0x04". I try to write a program using MPASM and during simulation Th program counter will branch back to address '0x00' when it reach Address 0xFF instead of going to next code after the address 0xFF. I solve the problem by inserting Org 101 at the location where the PC do branch to uninte
In ISIS open the pic properties. In the "Advanced Properties" field choose 'Enable Watchdog timer?' and set it to 'NO' instead of 'Default'. This will totally disable the wdt regardless of the Configuration Bits in your code. You should check the code though because the 'Default' value actually reads the configuration bit of the wdt in your (...)
I am using pic16LF1936 and HI-TECH C Compiler. I want to run my code on 2xAA battery and want to calculate battery life. So I implemented SLEEP module and Watch dog timer to awake it every 8sec. I used I2C to configure my RF chip which works as Transmitter and pic Hardware UART module to communicate with RF chip.Else 2 switches and 2 led a
i am facing problems in interfacing gsm sim 900 with pic18f4550. the code seems to have nothing wrong with it, could any one help me with it. #include #include # pragma config wdt=OFF # pragma config LVP=OFF # pragma config FOSC=HS # pragma config IESO=OFF # pragma config MCLRE=ON # pragma config PBADEN=OFF
Hello, I'm using the microcontroller pic16F877, and I need use two UART, this pic only has got one UART, so I need design a UART software. Well, I designed the UART, and before work fine, without wdt, without sleep, only receive date and send date directly. Now I need save the dates received in a char for send aft
Hi forum your opinion needed Today i programed a pic 16f877a micro controller with a program to test watch dog timer of the micro.I used mikroc serial boot loader to program micro first and the result was :micro controller program did notwork.Then i programed same micro controller with same program but this time using pikit2,and then the progra
Guys, I tried to write this code, but can't see LED blinking on pic IDE simulator Do you know why ? Thanks #include #include #pragma config FOSC = INTOSCIO_EC //Internal oscillator, port function on RA6, EC used by USB #pragma config wdt = OFF //Disable watchdog timer #define LEDPin LATDbits.LATD1 /
Are you sure your pic burner is taking fuse bits from the hex file? Did you noticed the fuse bits loaded in the programmer? Any way, just try by grounding the RB3 pin using a 10K resistor and use my code above (modified now). Also don't forget to pull up the MCLR pin also... Still if it is printing continuous U, then it may be the wdt resettin
Hello I build led matrix display based on 16F876 and have problem with resetting pic in most of the time when neon light is turn off in the room and pic is connected to PC. When PC and pic are disconnected everything is ok. Also every time PC is turn off, pic is reset or gets stuck. Here is schematic. Fuses are: (...)
Dear all this is code in Hi-tech c compliler #include <pic.h> #include __CONFIG(0x3F32); #define _XTAL_FREQ 20000000 #define BAUD 9600 void pic_init(void); void uart_init(void); void uart_transmit(char data); void uart_string(const char *s); char gsm,rec={"+CMTI"}; unsigned int counter,z; static void
Dear All, I need some help on saving current consumption while the pic MCU in SLEEP mode. I used three interrupts that is INT0, RBIF and Comparator Interrupts. I have used 6v, 4.2Ah sealed lead acid battery. I have used wdt to wake up the device every 24 Hrs. Until then I put the device in SLEEP mode. After 24 Hrs expires I have to enable compar
Hi, This is my program to interface LCD with pic DEM 2 plus (18f4520 pic microcontroller).when i m trying tgo display single charcter then its working fine but wen i want to display string some jumbled dchars r being displayed.plz help me. #include #pragma config wdt=OFF #define LCD_RS LATDbits.LATD4 // Register (...)
hi can anyone send me some example code for ADC in mikroc for pic 18f4520. thanks