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You can see this things from pico Tech company : I think that you should use RF probe on out of audio amplifier or you can use scope x10 probe just like pico example, before speakers, and before amplifier on input its lower voltages you can use ADC with some simple adapter, to monitor positive and negative values. If you plan to make some (...)
Dear Neyolight, NExt time give the whole story from end to end of this clock. {including colpitts osc and pic Vdd} Standard CMOS inverters make great small signal amplifiers 3 stages of x10 gain = 1000, while UB or unbuffered versions are only x10, so your small signal sine wave can be easily squared up with a couple passive parts (...)
It's the UK (see picture with the power plug), so it has to be 220-240Vac .. Regards, IanP
Compiler for pic microcontrollers pic-basic Pro has built in command that supports x10 protocol.
Hi I am making home automation with I2C. Is this good idea? Have anybody something schematic of pic or AVR with I2C ?
Hello, I there someone how have already build a domotica system based on pic's with pic Basic ?? All info is welcome