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Good day to all! Being more familiar with pic microcontrollers as what I have started with, now I am checking things up in Arduino I found out that even though Arduino is simpler, but it is also a poser to someone who has not used it. For example, In pic, you set the FUSES and other things but I found out that they are somehow preset in Arduino
Hi All, I am new to using Proteus 8 Professional with Micro controllers. I have been tested it with pic on my School PC and Everything went OK. I have been able to simulate LED Blinking with no problems. 154084 As I have mentioned I am NEW and I have just discovered the ability to simulate on a PC while attending the MCU
Hi , I am getting error message when I go to debugging dspic33ch128mp508 curiorsity development board. I inculded the configuration settings at the begining of the programme. error message : "Target Device Not Ready For Debugging Check Config Bits PGC, PGD Settings". Is there settings I need to check // FSEC
my game console voltage: 100v, 47w, 50/60hz my brand new power converter: AC 220v, 50w MAX, 50hz the converter is for 100v game console to be used in local 220v socket here. i used to have an old one but i threw it away without writing the specs down first. so i bought another one brand new and the specs of the converter seems to match the
This is a wired controller for my computer audio system. It stopped working. It uses a soldered on switch and green indicator led light. It had a lot of white material around the solder points. I cleaned it with contact cleaner and warm soapy water. And GENTLY scraped away the corrosion using a jewelers screw driver. I do not know what
What you refer to G codes are nothing less than printhead positioning, inject, and moving instructions which I highly doubt a microcontroller with small internal RAM capacity would be able to handle such as the pic core you mentioned. Another thing to consider is that a simpler 8-bit microcontroller is capable of decently work only with cartesian p
Hello all! As a learner, I have been doing whatever I could, to Learn Embedded programming. I just started with LCD experiments what i saw in LCDs scared me initially. I later became little settled the time I started to see characters I desired appear on them and where I want them. Behold! I thought that writing characters are just the same
Hi, We are using pic16F1503. We need to use one of the programming pins, either ICSPDAT or ICSPCLK in the circuit to turn on a high Z input. The pickit3 programmer doesn?t tell what is the maximum current capability of the icspdat or icspclk pins. Do you know it? None of the documentation tells it? pic ICSP
To measure the 230VAC using pic controller,neutral from the AC supply is connected with GND(7805) pin of controller board's power supply and positive from the AC is given to pic controller through resistor circuit. Is it safe to use the AC Neutral with pic controller and other IC'S GND directly..?
Hello, i have two devices pic18f4520 with max232 5v supply and pic32MM0256GPM064 with max3232 3.3v supply both the device working correct individually i checked over modscan and modsim simulator, but when im connecting the pic18f with pic32mm via there max ics pic18 received false interrupt when (...)
hi, i have a cylone 5 sockit, which a c programming is running on arm processor generating 32 bit value at 10k rate. now what i wanted is to run a python inside the arm processor and implement "socket programming", so that with the help of ethernet, i can take out the live out at 10k rate to my pc. so i had few doubts, i had to take data fro
Obvious problems: Electrically you overload the pic RD0 to RD6 pins, you must fit current limiting resistors in each of them. if(flag>=10) //wait till flag reaches 100 { i++;flag=0; //only if flag is hundred "i" will be incremented } flag++; //increment flag for each flash Can never reach 100 and if you are using it as a delay it
first I just connected sensor at the input and one led at output side and tested code followng code work for me, when sensor is high LED becomes ON for 1000 ms and if sensor is low LED becomes off Code // 'C' source line config statements // CONFIG #pragma config FOSC = HS // Oscillator Selection bits (HS oscillator) #
Hai Everyone I am new in STM32 and Keil while i am referring some tutorials, i am getting confused abut HAL Interrupt handling method. some programs Showing interrupt code in IRQ Handler loop in file and some code shows interrupt code in a callback function() in main.c file. what is callback function in main loop?. Normal pic and ARM Codes
Hi. I have been working on a project of Over current relay using pic 16f877A controller in which I have used interrupt signal to generate a exact time delay (trip signal) . For which I have used timer 1 configuration. It is working all fine when I run its simulation on Protues, it gives accurate result there. But On hardware sometime it does no
Hi, You don't give much information...about motor drive, current, sensor interface(s), sensor count, which PC software... Thus we have no idea about your situation... How it can be done? I assume you already know, that a valid answer is "with wires", thus I'm asking myself which answer are you looking for. (Device selection, interf
Hi guys, I'm looking for an alternative to N341256P-15 SRAM module. It is really hard to find a cheap N341256P-15 module, that's why I want to replace it with something that has a bettter availability over the internet. I need this to put into my socket-3 motherboard (ZIDA 4DPS). It is tag ram. Thanks.
Do you see all pins of pic have gray boxes or do some have red or blue boxes next to pins? If all have gray boxes then pic is excluded from Simulation. To fix it, double click pic model and uncheck "Exclude from Simulation" checkbox. I2C pull-ups need to be Digital resistors type. The code looks okay.
hello im doing my last year project "calculator with interface RS232 with help of pic18f452" i'm using mikroC pro and Proteus for simulation i looked up for the codes and i found what im looking for and the schematic as well but the problem it is not working for me ! nothing is showing in my virtual terminal at all and i have this prob with p
Not sure why the simulation fails and I do not have Proteus to check. If you built it in real hardware you need a resistor in series with each LED segment signal to limit the current or else the pic or the LED will be damaged. Brian.