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151354 In my project i'm going to interface thermal overload interlock,compressor overload interlock with pic18F4520 controller. Interlock having two terminals,when the actual value is greater than set value means two terminals will CLOSE and make an loop. An negative supply from the +5VDC is connected to one terminal
Please help me how to wire the circuit with MOSFET (100 amp mosfet as per requirement of load) so that charging of the battery is done through the BMS but discharging is direct by bypassing the BMS since it is rated for 15 amps. Please see the attached image [ATTACH
To ads-ee; For the record I have 20 years experience with most aspects of computing, including hardware, so I'm hardly wet behind the ears.Wasn't trying to be condescending, but I can see how you might have interpreted it that way. The majority of the people who ask questions here are not at all seasoned engineer
I have loads of 9572XL's and have been needing a Binary to Hexadecimal 7 Segment decoder. There used to be loads of these devices but now they are like hens teeth, I haven't yet tried this out in one of my CPLD's but the logic has been tested and it works. 151322 You set the binary values by loading them into D0 throug
I have a MSI Z370 gaming motherboard (LGA1151) that has a missing socket pin resulting from known damage. I have searched the web relentlessly for an IR preheater that will totally preheat an ATX motherboard (not ITX) but with no success, so I have given up . I suspect that such an animal might be quite expensive & out of reach for me. I hav
151219 Please refer the image file. PORTC and PORTD are connected with 7 SEGMENT(CC) display through 470R resistor and another two pins are used to drive an TRIAC(These not shown in the schematic). My concept is when the switch S5 and S6 is turned ON means the LED have to glow and low state is given pic controller.But b
Hi All I am current working on a circuit design which involves interfacing an O2 gas sensor I tried to reverse engineer the development board from manufacturer (They don?t supply the schematics) And I believe the circuit that has been used looks something like as shown in the picture below: 151175 It is a three
Hi, Microchip has a relatively new MCU family called the pic32MZ. These processors are for embedded purposes but also have an MMU for virtual memory support. Has anyone used the MMU on this processor? I don't have a particular problem I'm working on that deals with this, just curious as to who is using it and for what application.
I am trying to build a current fed push pull DC DC converter. This requires two waveforms with duty cycle greater than 50% and phase difference of 180 dergrees. I have attached pic. I would like to know the possible ways of achieving this. I have tried using output toggle option but that doesn't seem to work. Any suggestions and help will be hig
Using T1OSC with a 32 kHz watch crystal is the next best solution, however pic16F877 has not low power features to operate the RTC battery powered. Even pic processors with dedicated RTC unit can't compete with the sub ?A consumption of an external RTC.
To use a 556 instead of two 555s, wire it exactly the same but use the pin names of the two 555s rather than the pin numbers. As long as you match the names and they refer to the same half of the device it will work perfectly. With something that simple, there isn't much you can do to make it easier to assemble. Two 100R resistors can be replaced
If using pic you can connect DHT11 to pic pin which has analog function but analog function on that pin disabled using ANSELx or ADCONx or whatever register.
How to assign config word in Proteus ? For pic16F88 there are 2 Config words shown in mikroC PRO pic Compiler but Proteus pic16F88 model has only 1 field for Config word. How to enter config word for pic16F88 in Proteus ? See image.
pic and other 8-bit microcontrollers doesn't support core fault vectors, in case of any troubles with pointers they just getting crazy. That's why learning with arms or linux is better for begginers. You can at least understand where you doing something wrong and stop guessing.
hi in attached pic(from article:K. Duwada, V. Saxena, R.J. Baker, High speed digital input buffer circuits, in 2006 IEEE Workshop on Microelectronics and Electron Devices, 2006. WMED?06 (IEEE, 2006), pp. 2-pp) 1) is the buffer used as an analog buffer or digital buffer? in title of article is written for digital. why isn't used two cascad
I don't have MPLAB IDE installed and so I wrote a sample code in mikro C PRO pic. See if this works for you. char flagRegister = 0; unsigned long tasks_delay = 0; sbit endOldtaskCycleFlag at flagRegister.B0; //Timer1 //Prescaler 1:1; Actual Interrupt Time : 5 ms //Fosc = 4 MHz void InitTimer1() { T1CON = 0x00; TMR1IF_
The capacitors sound a bit big to me too but the 'finger' effect can be things other than the clock. Are all the peripherals connected when the power is applied? I have seen situations where the micro starts up and initializes a peripheral before it is ready to accept commands and the pic then sits forever waiting for a response from it. A floatin
150783 #define XTAL_FREQ 20MHZ #include #include "delay.h" // CONFIG1H #pragma config OSC = HS // Oscillator Selection bits (HS oscillator) #pragma config FCMEN = OFF // Fail-Safe Clock Monitor Enable bit (Fail-Safe Clock Monitor disabled) #pragma config IESO = OFF // Internal
Hi Does anyone know where this is?, i cant find it on
Think of the circuit as a 'floating' receiver, it doesn't care where it's signal comes from as long as it's there. What you did was attach an antenna to inject a signal, perhaps not at the optimal spot but there nevertheless. To fully utilize it as an Earth you have to attach both Earth and antenna. In effect your ear was probably the nearest to a