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Just create a CRUD REST api. I just type in google "php rest api" and it list heaps of examples for creating CRUD REST api. In your embedded platform, you just need to setup a HTTP client and use POST, PUT, GET and DELETE to modify your database. You should probably secure your API. Just type in google SSL, API keys with PHP, and the same for pic.
Hi, As by default PLL is enable in the 18F46k22. If so with the code below , # include <18F46K22.h> #fuses NOMCLR,NOLVP,NOBROWNOUT,PUT,NOXINST #use delay(internal = 64MHz) //ORI 8//BY DEFAULT PLL IS ENABLE SO 20 crystal is used the 20X4 =80MHZ will be the FOSC = 64Mhz and then Instruction Clock =64/4=16MIPS ? Is this corre
How sd host controller knows whether a SD card is put in the connector slot
156366 Hai, please refer the image There is an 3rpm servo motor in machine.Limit switch is used to identify the position of the motor's shaft.The motor will operate with 230VAC by G2R2 type relay(optocoupler is used to drive the relay). I'm using PORTRB1 in pic18F4520 controller to sense the position of the motor.Sometim
Hello. how possible to read or to convert an already public Hex file to asm file ,already i saw it done ,but i really dont know how i need to put my name at the start up if possible to help me ? i attach the file it goes to a pic16f876a thanks.
Hi, I'm not familiar with pic. But for SPI you need a clock frequency setup. Klaus
Hi, I normally use the software Tera Term in Windows for Microcontroller UART project. Now I am going to configure USB module in pic18F2550 instead of UART. Therefor, I would need a software in windows to log the USB data. At the moment I am not sure which class I will use and how I will configure the USB module in Microcontroller but I am look
Please let know any website for Non Chinese LCD for Microcontrollers i.e Arduino, pic, STM32 etc.
hi, i have used an a/c fault detector in my home electrical socket to test, which detects "live and neutral reversed issue". does it have any impact on my electrical equipments in longer run? do i need really fix this issue? thanks
How are you testing that you are not getting any output? You say you are using a pic development board - which one? Can you toggle the RB3 (CAN output) pin with your own bit of code? Where did you cent the CAN library that you are using? Do you trust it? (I say this because it is unusual to have constants that begin with an underscore - symbols tha
I've seen 3 phase kWh meters with pic16F870 with no specialized front-end IC. I'ts up to you to decide which uC you will use. The one that you are most familiar with would be my choice.
Hi i have a problem i hope you could help me. :) im interfacing a 4x4 keypad with lcd display using pic16f877a my pic16f877a pic have a infinite loop while waiting for an input causing my i/o port's output voltage to be only 0.7V can u tell me how to solve the output voltage problem, its at PORTD PS: keypad_data returns 00H when (...)
Can anyone tell me how to charge this battery? I can't find any battery charger on the internet for this battery. If you know a place/url to buy this battery charger, I'd really appreciate it! I've looked all morning, and no luck. If you can copy and paste a link to an electronics company, you would save me about $500, and earn my lasting gratitude
Brian, I've not seen ANY PE wire in pictures in post #6. Just two sockets wired in parallel :) Even the cross section of wires comming out of 32A breakers is inadequate. For lazy people: 155840 155838 155839 155837 Q: Do you have a ring feed i
hello freinds . can you lead me to a way to try to convert transfer a hex file to nextion lcd . i can see many have done it but i coul not find a way to figure it out ,any ints tips thanks . the hex is public for a transmittar fm that work with push buttom i need to transfer it to touch screen .i see someone has done it before i have only a pict
hi to all right now am in developing three phase sequence detector using pic16f887 microcontroller. i had tried more methods but unfortunately the results are negative.. finally i planned to use inbuilt comparator in pic16f887 (2 comparators available) . i planned to fed the first two phase signal say R & Y to each comparator , and want to measur
hello, specifies caracteristics of your buble lamp .. voltage,Watt you can't use triacs in DC use a MOSFET to control the buble How do you want to control the buble , just ON/OFF or graduate control 0 to 100% ( and PWM signal given by your pic)
Think about an ADC with DMA support and USB high speed or 100 Mbit Ethernet interface. Suitable CPUs are e.g. pic32 (new MZ family has USB HS) or ARM (e.g. STM32F4xx).
hi dear, i am new to pic and ccs compiler. i write a code for lcd interfacing and simulating on the proteus. lcd showes nothing. guide me please what and where is the error? the code is as following; #include "C:\Program Files\picC\lcd1.h" #define LCD_RS_PIN PIN_C0 #define LCD_RW_PIN PIN_C1 #define LCD_ENABLE_PIN PIN_C2 #define
I could generate that with 1% timing accuracy in two components for 0.5 Euro using a pic 10F200 micro. Current consumption less than 0.5uA when idle and about (200uA+load current) while sending the waveform. Brian.