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1) So If I want to only read and write the Hex file. Then I have to have pickit 2 programmer and zif socket which is on the following option. Really the onl
Hi, I just finished of with my development board. I'm using Proton 7 for compiling and the problem is that the led matrix I've connected with the zif adapter to toggle isn't working. I checked all the points of testing and it's working fine. I tried my chip on my friend's db and the led matrix is toggling up. Can anyone help me please?
Hi here is universal zif socket for pickit2 full release adding more pic ad improving hardware Feature input is truly compatible with pickit2 programmer can be used with other programmer as well supported devices are as under, also do not forget to solder the SMD resistor 16F = 40,28,20,18,14 18F = 40,28,20,
Hi To all loving friends here is small gift from fragrance couple of month hard working with lot of testing on hardware, Aim to share this to provide a classic JDM hardware that will never fail although this hardware came from a French web page. I redesign the whole new PCB adding universal zif socket, provide ability to program pic from 8 pin t
time to switch to the pickit2 or even pickit3 ... lots of pickit2 clones on this board, pickit3 can be bought on ebay, and support wide variety of pics ( specially the 3v ones ) regards,
The RS232 Port is for you to interface with the pic for serial communication. The Parallel port will be used to program the pic
Hello, I'm PALMA, if anyone needs help with the design, I can help Regards..Welcome Palma to EDA board. What more can we expect when we have the author of the file here. Your files are additionally good as i can see support for 30F series and EEproms too. Ok..i would like to clarify one small thing from you. When 9
could any body know the schematic for the pic attached . it has the name PRG2000. thanks
Hi all I am working on a project " The universal Microcontroller trainer". I want to develop a training board on which many different microcontrollers(pic Atmel AVR)) with a limit upto 40 pins would be socketed in the zif Socket. Please give me some advices Thanks
Hi Guys I am in a very need for some help to fin a program with which i can make images on diffeent IC position on a zif socket. to be more clear I mean images like the ones in Winpic800 or any other program that uses a zif socket in the programmer. I have saerched alot but I can't find ant thing so if any could help me, just give a (...)
Hi, If you are saying that you can program the pic in the programmers zif sockets but when you connect the jdm to the pic in the working circuit you get errors, then something in your circuit must be affecting it. The pic chips Mclre, pclk and pdata must be isolated from any other circuitry otherwise it can affect the (...)
Hi I am using an external Crystal to supply clock to pic microcontroller and am using XTAL out(12MHz) of microcontroller as an input clock of an other microcontroller and everything works fine. Problem starts when the second microcontroller is plugged in/out (of the zif socket) while the 1st microntroller is operational, causing disturbance in X
I am considering a design for a universal zif. The design would be usable with pic, and possibly others - jumper (or dipswitch) selectable. I have seen a few such designs, but none provide full pinouts - only pin names (PGC, PGD, etc.) Where can I find the pinout for the RJ-12 on the ICD2 and picKit2? Also is there a standard (...)
Pls someone can help me to add a zif socket to my JDM programm any pic... This is my Added after 2 hours 11 minutes: Pls help
A blank pic will read all FFFF 0000 means you have a problem.
hello to everyone!!!! i have build the brenner8p pic programmer, but i connect it to the pc but the pc doesn´t detect the programmer, and i dont know why. by the way the firmware which i have program the pic 18f2550 is 0.9 As im a roockie i need help to put programmer working. the web site of this programmer is:
Hi, Nothing new here but just I want to share the work I did. One is the LPT port Epic programmer's PCB in Single Side. Second is the zif Adapter for DIP pics that I think you may not seen this idea before. I think this adopter will work for all DIP pics 8-Pins to 40-Pins Please check and comment. Hope all be (...)
Hi ! I use the JDM programmer (that I built). Look that the programming voltage supplied by the JDM circuit + serial levels is 13.3V (two zeners 5.1V and 8.2V in series). This voltage complies with the most of the pic uCs (flash and non flash). To be sure, check the datasheets of each model. In general there is no problem about it. The main pr
erm....pic also support ICSP, but yet there exist zif socket boards for pic. In my opinion, its just depends on the user....... So any suggestion?
very nice picture I have downloded the demo but it look hard to use I will have to do some playing by the time i get to learn it the trail will run out i se that it does not come with electronic components blueroomelectronics are they easy to create ? cheers Wizpic