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Is there a program which provides this compiling method?
Afaik this display is 3.3V only? So most probably you'll blow it @ 5V Here's a comparable project with pic16f628 and Nokia 3310. Schematic and Board in Eagle are also provided. Take a look at it:
Hi all I've designed a circuit based on pic16f628 that counts the heart beat of hymen in beat per minute bpm and display on a lcd, I faced a problem of converting the pulses in second to minute to be displayed in term of bpm. I only know this: Counting the time of two pulses and average the time, thats all !! Can any one give me the details o
Dear all, I'm locking for a clock with calender circuit by using pic16f628 or 16f84 and lcd along with the codes. Appriciated.
Pelase! I need a source code in C (to build with SDCC in lnux) to make a pic16f628 use a 44780 lcd. I found only in assembler :cry: Tanks!!!
4 Digit passive lcd display with a pic16f628 (or could be a f84A) ideas , comments are welcomed :)
Hi all, I need a VHF 2m PLL that uses a MC145170 PLL controlled by a pic16f628 or PIC12F629 or PIC16F84 and so on and a lcd display (to show actual frequency) with RX/TX automatic shift frequency (IF 10.7MHz) to be used in an old commercial VHF radio to replace a MC145146PLL module. 73, Fernando - Call sign PU2PLL
have u seen data sheet for pic16f628. i cant see any adc. '****************************************************************************** ' microcontroller P16F877A ' ' Project ADC_on_Leds ' This project is designed to work with PIC 16F877A ' with minor adjustments, it should work with any other PIC MCU ' that has ADC module. ' ' This c
Hi everybody, iīm trying to build a menu with pic16f628, lcd and four push buttons (up, down, enter, cancel) but i donīt have any idea how to do this, can anybody help me? iīm thinking about something like at this link... PS: I already looked for here in the forum, but I didnīt
hi:D I have a lot of Exadecimal lcd models LM039 with driver uPD7225 but I am not able to use them with a pic16f628.:cry: I can use mikrobasic, if someone has implemented software with this (or even another) language, perhaps you can give me a hand... thanks in advance!!!
Want to know how much electricity appliances in your house are using and how much they cost to run.Build this Energy Meter and find out. Uses pic16f628 and ADE7756AN Active Energy Metering IC, with lcd readout. Refer:
1. Serial interfacing lcd with Pic Microcontroller 2. Software SPI interfacing ADC with Pic16F84/pic16f628 3. Simple multi channel digital voltmeter 4. Stepper motor controller